WEBINAR: Managing the migration to full cloud adoption without disruption in smart utility IT and OT environments
26 June 2020 | 14:00 - 15:30 CET | Webinar

Welcome to the Utility Cloud Implementation Webinar 2020

Cloud computing promises to release smart utilities from the burdens of day to day technology management, opening up time to focus on more complex processes and priorities. And with a variety of cloud architectures and integration options now possible, the benefits of cloud adoption finally outweigh their risks.

But to ensure the successful adoption of cloud across the smart utility environment, digital transformation, IT architecture, and business process leaders must be on the same page and working in unison on their adoption. They must agree the optimal system architecture, determine the right migration path, build in appropriate security and reliability levels, and guarantee implementation without disruption.

During the webinar, three leading European utilities will share their lessons learnt from the early adoption of cloud computing in the OT environment. They will discuss how they managed internal mindsets and drove culture change to point the integration of cloud solutions where they could deliver the greatest return on their effort and investment.  Insights will be gained into:

  • Optimal Cloud Architectures – the design, integration, security and reliability considerations that will ensure cloud’s best fit with a wide range of utility OT environments
  • Extensive Cloud Applications – determining the use-cases that will deliver the fastest return on cloud investment, and mapping the migration to full cloud adoption across utility OT domains
  • Next Generation Cloud Solutions – understanding the advanced features, functionalities and security levels of cloud solutions on the market and in development, and the implications of these for the future grid

Following these utility case-studies, technical representatives of leading cloud solution providers will share their vision for how they are translating rapidly changing smart utility needs and trends into next generation cloud offerings that will deliver exceptional technical efficiency, alongside outstanding ROI.


Platform benefits

This event is hosted on the CrowdCast platform, enabling:

  • Ease of Viewing – split-screen presentations enable both the speaker and their presentation slides to be visible throughout the event
  • Ease of Hearing – high-quality audio facilitated by broadcast quality microphones at speaker site
  • Ease of Interacting – interactive Q&A feature enables questions to be rated by all participants so that the most popular are prioritised for addressing
  • Ease of Polling – 3 x polls displayed to test the temperature of the industry on key topics of interest with results made available to all participants
  • Ease of Retrieving – instant access to speaker presentation slides immediately following the event

Please note that just like our in-person conferences, this is a live webinar and there will be no recording made available post the event.


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