Driving ADMS system and data integration to deliver advanced predictive operations
15 May 2020 | 14:00 - 15:30 CET | WebConference
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Welcome to ADMS Implementation WebConference 2020

State-of-the-art ADMS systems promise to deliver the advanced functionalities that utilities need to ensure a seamless predictive operation. But, with infrastructure development budgets under greater scrutiny, utilities are under increased pressure to clearly demonstrate the functionality advantages, integration strategies, and cybersecurity advantages of these new systems, in order to gain board approval and transform their operational effectiveness in line with the demands of the energy transition.

During this WebConference, three leading European utilities shared the results of their recent ADMS implementations and discussed their next steps in achieving full predictive operations. Insights were gained into implementation lessons learnt and future strategies in terms of:

  • Specification – designing and specifying system architectures that deliver immediate and long-term operational value as the needs of the smart grid evolve
  • Integration – leveraging CIM, working with suppliers, and developing in-house interfaces and data models to achieve full system integration that supports real-time data flows
  • Functionalities – unlocking the full range of ADMS system functionalities to support the migration to predictive operations

Following on from these utility case-studies, technical representatives of leading ADMS suppliers shared their vision and their plans for developing new system functionalities to better support end-user requirements in a more cybersecurity conscious grid environment.


Platform benefits

This event was hosted on the CrowdCast platform, enabling:

  • Ease of Viewing – split-screen presentations enable both the speaker and their presentation slides to be visible throughout the event
  • Ease of Hearing – high-quality audio facilitated by broadcast quality microphones at speaker site
  • Ease of Interacting – interactive Q&A feature enables questions to be rated by all participants so that the most popular are prioritised for addressing
  • Ease of Polling – 3 x polls displayed to test the temperature of the industry on key topics of interest with results made available to all participants
  • Ease of Retrieving – instant access to speaker presentation slides immediately following the event

Please note that just like our in-person conferences, this was a live WebConference and there was no recording made available post the event.


Hear from industry leaders including:

Gordon Paton, Senior ADMS Architect, GE Digital, Grid Software - GE

Gordon Paton

Senior ADMS Architect, GE Digital, Grid SoftwareGE
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