Placing intrusion detection at the heart of smart grid cybersecurity to guard against a rapidly evolving threat landscape
12 June 2020 | 14:00 - 15:30 CET | WebConference


IDS Implementation WebConference 2020 Friday 12 June 2020 Download
13:45Participant login and networking
14:00IDS Principles – understanding the key intrusion detection system concepts and determining the leading drivers for implementing in the smart grid today
14:15IDS Design & Implementation – translating smart grid intrusion detection objectives into a clear system design, specification and implementation plan
14:30IDS Testing & Verification – implementing a robust testing procedure to fully validate your choice of IDS solution and its fit with your overall cybersecurity strategy
14:45Utility Case-Studies Q&A session
14:50Tech Innovation Panel: Advanced IDS Systems – leveraging AI&ML to transform IDS system capability and keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape
15:20IDS Systems Q&A session
15:30Close of WebConference