Driving ADMS system and data integration to deliver advanced predictive operations
15 May 2020 | 14:00 - 15:30 CET | WebConference


ADMS Implementation WebConference 2020 Friday 15 May 2020 Download
13:45Participant login and networking
14:00ADMS Specification – determining the most crucial criteria to consider when specifying ADMS systems to support the demands of a rapidly evolving smart grid
14:15System Integration – achieving effective integration of ADMS systems with GIS and Asset Management through advanced interfaces that support multiple vendors’ technologies
14:30Data Integration – building on CIM to achieve the seamless integration of data models in different systems from different suppliers to support real-time operations
14:45Utility Case-Studies Q&A session
14:50Advanced Functionalities – leveraging the full range of ADMS system functionalities to support the migration toward predictive operations
15:20ADMS Functionalities Q&A session
15:30Close of WebConference