Smart Grid Forums Customer Testimonials

Kelly stich

"The balance was just right and discussions that resulted were excellent in my opinion. The presentations were very much of interest to me as an OT cybersecurity expert while building expertise in IT systems. If you have a cybersecurity background and are interested in European insights, this is the show for you."

Kelly Stich

Chief Cyber Security Architect


@SGF Cybersecurity Week 2023

Aurelio Blanquet

A full room and a great conference as usual are the ones organized by Smart Grid Forums. Excellent program and topics and a handful of remarkable speakers. And it was a quite unique experience to have in person around 200 enthusiastic experts as we were used to see before Covid.

Aurelio Blanquet 

Secretary General


@SGTech Week 2023

Bas Kruimer

Yet another great conference with very good presentations on actual utility projects and lessons learned, good discussions and great networking opportunity.

Bas Kruimer  
Business Director Digital Grid Ops -  
DNV Energy Systems 

@SGTech Week 2023

Don Miller

“Smart Grid Forums is on the leading edge of grid security.”

Don Miller

Chief Technology Evangelist

Network Perception

@ CyberAware Webinar Series

Renaud Renaud-Drouin

“A great way to position our progress of our implementation of IEC61850 to other utilities across the world and see what we can improve!”

Renaud Renaud-Drouin

Automation Engineer

Hydro Quebec

@ IEC 61850 Week 2022

Jayne Crowley

"I was relieved to realise that SGN are not alone in their struggle to implement IEC 62443 requirements. The delegates attending the event were incredibly supportive and patient."

Jayne Crowley

E&I Engineering Policy Manager


@ IEC 62443 Week 2022

Robert Franke

"Definitely essential for every TSO to get the latest CIM information and talk about solutions."

Robert Franke

Data Architect

50Hertz Transmission

@ IEC CIM Week 2022

Andrea Bonetti

“In my opinion this is the best industrial conference about smart grid and IEC 61850.”

Andrea Bonetti

Senior Specialist

Megger Sweden AB

@ IEC 6850 Week 2021

Renan Leites

“It is an amazing opportunity to making new connections, sharing an amazing content, improving your knowledge, and tuning up your strategy!”

Renan Augusto da Costa Leites

Relationship & IT Solutions Executive Manager

Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico

@ NextGen SCADA Global 2021

Darius Zebrauskas

“Great opportunity to go over different projects, aspects and approaches applied in different AMI projects.”

Darius Žebrauskas

Smart Metering Infrastructure Expert


@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021

Jun Verzosa

“Great conference where you can learn from distinguished experts in IEC 61850 and how power utilities are leveraging and implementing the standard for pilot projects and future substations.”

Jun Verzosa

Sr. Principal Consultant

Doble Engineering

@IEC 61850 USA 2021

Miguel Rodenas - sm

“CIM conference 2021 is a conference with high quality speakers, cutting edge topics and organized in an excellent way.”

Miguel Escribano Rodenas



@Common Information Model 2021

David MacDonald

“The IEC 61850 conference never fails to provide wise guidance, new ideas and a wealth of practical knowledge that be transferred into optimal design, engineering and maintenance in the day job.”

David MacDonald

System Monitoring Lead Engineer


@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Barbara bloser

“The virtual conference allowed me to discuss with people in different countries and get insights into their work. It is very helpful to see what is done in other countries. Especially for a regional company such as mine.”

Barbara Blöser

Senior Conusltant Stratergy & Geodata

Mainzer Netze GmbH

@GIS4SmartGrid 2020

Rafael San Juan Moya

"This Conference has helped us stay up to date and review new options for making a smart grid more efficient and speed the electrification transition."

Rafael San Juan

IT Innovation & Digital Platforms


@Smart Grid Innovation 2020

Photo - Indrek Kunnapuu

“I am glad to see that cybersecurity gets more and more attention in the OT field, looking forward to the next event.”

Indrek Künnapuu



@Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020

Rena Kuwahata

“Best virtual conference to-date. Informative content and spirit of sharing was great."

Rena Kuwahata

Business Development Manager


@Grid Asset Management 2020

Miguel Silva

"Excellent insights on how to approach a Cloud journey in utilities."

Miguel Gaspar Silva

IBU Head


@Utility Cloud 2020

Harshil Sumaria

“I thoroughly enjoyed this conference, and learnt a lot from every talk, which I will be using to influence the business I work in.”

Harshil Sumaria

Power Systems and Data Analytics Engineer

UK Power Networks

@AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020

Bas Kruimer

"Amazing line up of utility speakers sharing very relevant and in depth NextGen SCADA project experiences."

Bas Kruimer

Business Development


@NextGen SCADA Global 2020

Daniel Kemper

"A great combination of grid operators manufactures and consulting companies. A very a good experience."

Daniel Kemper

Asset Manager

Netze BW

@Predictive Maintenance 2020

Aurelio Blanquet

“Great event and a single opportunity to discuss together with peers and industry of the most critical topics in the strategy agenda of a digital DSO, digital substations, telecommunications, cyber security and SCADA challenges.”

Aurelio Blanquet


EDP Distribuicaō

@SGTech Europe 2019

Photo - Julio E- Dominguez

"An excellent opportunity to look further than the end of your own nose and acknowledge that other people's solutions to shared problems may be far better than yours"

Julio E. Dominguez

SAS Designer


@IEC 61850 Global 2019

Tobias Haumann

"The combination of presentations related for smart grids and machine learning analytics is probably the most relevant for any data scientist within the grid utilities."

Tobias Haumann

Data scientist

Agder Energi Nett

@Smart Grid Big Data 2019

Loic Rebours

“A great vendor agnostic conference focused on utility experiences.”

Loïc Rebours

IT Engineer


@GIS4SmartGrid 2018

Ton Rijnen

“Good opportunity to share updates with colleagues in IT/OT. Discover different approaches for the same problems. Learn new market developments.”

Ton Rijnen

IT Service Officer EMS


@NextGen SCADA Europe 2018

Gerhard Straouhs

“Excellently organised event bringing together people from all over the world and from all fields of application for discussing really relevant topics.”

Gerhard Strauhs


ETM Professional Control

@IEC 61850 Europe 2018