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Photo - Thierry Coste - EDF

“A very good group of diverse experts to have a good state of the arts conversation with.”

Thierry Coste, Project Manager- EDF

@NextGen SCADA Global 2021

Renan Leites
“It is an amazing opportunity to making new connections, sharing an amazing content, improving your knowledge, and tuning up your strategy!”
Renan Augusto da Costa Leites, Relationship & IT Solutions Executive Manager – Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico
@ NextGen SCADA Global 2021

Photo - Renan Giovanini GE Power

“Best technical meeting on SCADA DMS&EMS in Europe.”

Renan Giovanini, Product Marketing Director - GE Digital

@ NextGen SCADA Global 2021


“Smart Grid Forums perfectly adapted to move live conferences to the virtual world in times of the pandemic.”

Wojtek Chomczynski, Sales Manager- OSI Europe

@NextGen SCADA Global 2021

Darius Zebrauskas
“Great opportunity to go over different projects, aspects and approaches applied in different AMI projects.”
Darius Žebrauskas, Smart Metering Infrastructure ExpertESO
@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021


Pascal Rammers
“I was quite surprised on how well a virtual conference, when well organized works!”
Pascal Rammers, Technical and Strategic Consultant  – Alliander
@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021

Marcel Neu

“Topics align perfect with the questions we have with project team for future generation Smart meters.”

Marcel Neu, Project Manager AMI - Stedin

@ Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021

Jun Verzosa
“Great conference where you can learn from distinguished experts in IEC 61850 and how power utilities are leveraging and implementing the standard for pilot projects and future substations.”
Jun Verzosa, Sr. Principal Consultant - Doble Engineering
@IEC 61850 USA 2021

Jason Autrey

“I really enjoyed participating. The forum allows for a great way to promote the 61850 technology.”

Jason Autrey, R&D Manager - Southern Company

@IEC 61850 USA 2021

Stephan Picard

“High quality speakers, the right balance of end-users, consultants and manufacturers, and the live interactions all provided excellent opportunities to learn from the best beyond what I thought possible and to expand my network.”
Stephan Picard, Engineer – BBA
@IEC 61850 USA 2021

Dan Noon
“The CIM Virtual conference was really good to understand what is happening across Europe with the Common Information Model. It was a great way to hear about lessons from what others have already experienced and the tool sets used.”
Dan Noon, Data and Integration Platform Manager - ENWL
@Common Information Model 2021
Neil Meredith
"The CIM Conference is a highly valuable forum in which to share experiences of using CIM in a wide range of applications. It is of value to those just starting with CIM as well as though
who are more advanced.”
Neil Meredith, Lead Solution Architect for Networks - SSE
@Common Information Model 2021

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10-28-43
“CIM conference 2021 is a conference with high quality speakers, cutting edge topics and organized in an excellent way.”
Miguel Escribano Rodenas, Engineer - RED ELECTRICA DE ESPAÑA
@Common Information Model 2021
Eric Lambert
“This virtual conference was great as you can chat with the presenters in real time, as his presentation is pre-recorded. The presenter answers your question in live, and you can also de-brief with him and address other questions during Q&A session.”
Eric Lambert, Senior Engineer, Project Manager - EDF
@Common Information Model 2021

Meredith Miller
“The best way to learn about a complicated topic.”
Meredith Miller, Data Scientist - NRECA
@Common Information Model 2021
Ivar agustsson
“Smart Grid Forums have provided a great platform for virtual conferences with excellent presentations.”
Ivar Hrafn Agustsson, Control Systems specialist - Veitur ohf
@Common Information Model 2021

Marcel Neu
“Topics align perfectly with the questions we have with project team for future generation Smart meters.”
Marcel Neu, Project Manager AMI - Stedin
@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021
Darius Zebrauskas
“The overall concept and ability to go over different projects was great, different aspects and approaches applied
in different projects.”
Darius Žebrauskas, Smart Metering Infrastructure Expert - ESO
@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021

Pascal Rammers
“I was quite surprised how well a virtual conference can work, when well organized!”
Pascal Rammers, Technical and Strategic Consultant - Alliander
@Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021
David MacDonals
“The IEC 61850 conference never fails to provide wise guidance, new ideas and a wealth of practical knowledge that be transferred into optimal design, engineering and
maintenance in the day job.”
David MacDonald, System Monitoring Lead Engineer - Iberdrola
@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Birkir Heimisson
“This setup and platform for Virtual Conferences is the best so for, next best to meeting in person.”
Birkir Heimisson, Project manager for smart grid development - Landsnet
@IEC 61850 Global 2020
Bas Mulder
“IEC 61850 Global is an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and experience. The input from end-users and OEMs is very valuable to keep updated and engaged in
the wonderful world of IEC 61850.”
Bas Mulder, Technologist OT - TenneT
@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Deivid Orozco
“Thanks to this conference I understand that we must add certain updates on the IEC61850 controller of the company where I work, to be up to date with the standard.”
Deivid Orozco, Telecontrol Engineer - Controles S.A.
@IEC 61850 Global 2020
Elemer Dementer
“Excellent opportunity to meet and discuss
given the travel limitations.”
Elemer Dementer, Manager, P&C Engineering - SaskPower
@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Peter Kreutzer
“Great event that brings the IEC 61850 community together and allows to share experiences and latest news”
Peter Kreutzer, Product Manager - Hitachi ABB Power Grids
@IEC 61850 Global 2020
Stefan Hufnagl
“The community continues to push and elaborate on real-world topics. This is where the virtual event gets us all synchronized.”
Stefan Hufnagl, Industry Specialist Energy - COPA-DATA
@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Stephen Dutnall
“An excellent conference helping to give sense to the 61850 standards developments and their implementations in the field.”
Stephen Dutnall, TC 57 Technical Officer - IEC
@IEC 61850 Global 2020
Jayaprakesh Ponraj
“Wonderful experience, Great opportunity to talk to experts.”
Jayaprakesh Ponraj, Senior PN Protection Specialist - TRANSCO
@IEC 61850 Global 2020

Barbara bloser
“The virtual conference allowed me to discuss with people in different countries and get insights into their work. It is very helpful to see what is done in other countries. Especially for a regional company such as mine.”
Barbara Blöser, Senior Conusltant Stratergy & Geodata - Mainzer Netze GmbH
@GIS4SmartGrid 2020
Jasper van Der BEnt
“The virtual conference allowed us to share knowledge and network around the globe. Smart Grid Forums found a very creative solution to continue knowledge sharing and networking during the Covid-19 pandemic.”
Jasper van der Bent, Business IT consultant – Alliander
@GIS4SmartGrid 2020

Trey Hayes
“Fantastic investment of my time. Great topics and speakers!”
Trey Hayes, Connectivity Team Leader - Alabama Power Company
@Smart Grid Innovation 2020
Sophie Crommelinck
“The GIS4SmartGrid Conference 2020 has been a great opportunity to network with peers that strive to advance GIS technology in utilities. Through the exchange about projects, problems, and lessons learned, I gained valuable insights and contacts that are beneficial to develop next-generation GIS within my utility.”
Sophie Crommelinck, IT Business Analyst for Geospatial Systems - Netze BW
@GIS4SmartGrid 2020

Rafael San Juan
"This Conference has helped us stay up to date and review new options for making a smart grid more efficient and
speed the electrification transition."
Rafael San Juan, IT Innovation & Digital Platforms – Iberdrola
@Smart Grid Innovation 2020
Manuel Intiniti
“An outstanding panel of experts and an interesting agenda of utility case-studies.”
Manuel Intini, Innovation Manager - a2a
@Smart Grid Innovation 2020

Photo - Indrek Kunnapuu
“I am glad to see that cybersecurity gets more and more attention in the OT field, looking forward to the next event.”
Indrek Künnapuu, CISO - Elektrilevi
@Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020
Photo - Jeff Montagne - ERDF
“Very interesting conference, good opportunity to exchange with participants and speakers, on a virtual platform well organized!”
Jeff Montagne, CISO - Enedis
@Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020

Photo - Ovidiu Serban
“Impressive, almost similar to an on premise conference, just the drinks were missing.”
Ovidiu Serban, Senior Consultant - DNV GL
@Smart Grid Cybersecurity 2020
David Lima
“Allowed to see different projects and strategies on smart grid asset management, focus on the challenges and
key factors to evaluate risk."
David Lima, Automation Engineer - EDP Distribuição
@Grid Asset Management 2020

Mika Loukkalahti
"Well planned conference with well-prepared presentations, competent presenters and active audience."
Mika Loukkalahti, Leading Expert - Helen Electricity Network
@Grid Asset Management 2020
Rena Kuwahata
“Best virtual conference to-date. Informative content and spirit of sharing was great."
Rena Kuwahata, Business Development Manager – Ampacimon
@Grid Asset Management 2020

Claudio Silva
"Excellent insights on how to approach
a Cloud journey in utilities."
Miguel Gaspar Silva, IBU Head - SAP
@Utility Cloud 2020
Pascal Bauermeister
"Very interesting choice of speakers and topics. The web platform works like a charm."
Pascal Bauermeister, Senior IT Operations Engineer – DEPsys
@Utility Cloud 2020

Harshil Sumaria
“I thoroughly enjoyed this conference, and learnt a lot from every talk, which I will be using to influence the business I work in.”
Harshil Sumaria, Power Systems and Data Analytics Engineer - UK Power Networks
@AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020
Yamshid Farhat
“Nice presentations with specific use-cases using AI, platform works properly and offers interesting functionalities.”
Yamshid Farhat, Data Scientist - BKW Energie AG
@AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020

Pascual Mullor Ruiz
“Very interesting conference in which all program topics are covered. The conference has been performed with the top professionals who work every applying in their workplace their AI & ML skills, applying the latest trends in these fields.”
Pascual Mullor Ruiz, R&D Engineer - Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía
@AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020
Bas Kruimer
"Amazing line up of utility speakers sharing very relevant and in depth NextGen SCADA project experiences."
Bas Kruimer, Business Development - DNV GL
@NextGen SCADA Global 2020

Anders Hellkvist
"Open atmosphere, deep technical knowledge of participants and a good sharing of the same."
Anders Hellkvist, VP Business Development, Network Control - ABB Powergrids
@NextGen SCADA Global 2020
"A meeting point where utilities and service/solution providers come together with inspirational presentations full of innovative ideas. An extraordinary review of the state of art in predictive maintenance, drivers and future challenges. It is a unique opportunity to do networking and share different points of view within the European maintenance community."
Borja Barricarte, R&D Engineer - Instituto Tecnologico De La Energia
@Predictive Maintenance 2020

Carl Johnstone
"A more focused conference than others, able to bring different viewpoints from Engineers to Data Scientists for a single aim and sharing best practices."
Carl Johnstone, Technical Director - i4 Asset Management
@Predictive Maintenance 2020
bild 026 2
"A great combination of grid operators, manufactures and consulting companies. A very a good experience."
Daniel Kemper, Asset Manager - Netze BW
@Predictive Maintenance 2020

Photo - Mohseen Mohemmed
“A single platform to see trends of development and progress in the digital implementations with correct mix of cyber security.”
Mohseen Mohemmed, Protection & Control Engineering Manager - Scottish & Southern Electrical Networks
@SGTech Europe 2019
Fredi Belavic
“Good mixture of already modified projects in field of digital substation and future challenges. Great opportunity to network with people and companies.”
Fredi Belavic, Asset Manager - Austrian Power Grid
@SGTech Europe 2019

Aurelio Blanquet
“Great event and a single opportunity to discuss together with peers and industry of the most critical topics in the strategy agenda of a digital DSO, digital substations, telecommunications, cyber security and SCADA challenges.”
Aurelio Blanquet, Director - EDP Distribuicaō
@SGTech Europe 2019
Yamshid Farhat
“It was great to hear the development and challenges of other utilities in this new environment. There were really great presentations including inspirational messages, impressive pilots and great innovative ideas. After GAM 2019 we believe we are going forward on the right direction and we bring back additional ideas and contacts for the future business cases.”
Yamshid Farhat, Smart Grid Engineer – BKW
@Grid Asset Management 2019

Carl Johnstone
“A really great forum to see how other utilities are approaching similar problems in different ways. A more efficient way to learn that from other peoples’ experiences.”
Carl Johnstone, Director – i4 Asset Management
@Grid Asset Management 2019
Claudio Silva
“The conference provided a very interesting insight on the main concerns that utilities have when they manage their assets. It provided a great environment to share experiences.”
Claudio Silva, Product Manager - EFACEC
@Grid Asset Management 2019

Photo - Jan Voltman - Alliander
"Excellent possibilities to exchange the latest developments concerning Substation automation and DER modelling."
Jan Voltmann, Consultant – Alliander
@IEC 61850 Global 2019
Tuan Vu
"IEC 61850 Global 2019 covers very comprehensive and broad aspects of the power system, the conference focuses on IEC 61850 as well as a wide range of advanced technologies associated with the power system. The event is extremely well organised, and the quality of presenters/presentations and topics is the best that I have ever been involved in."
Tuan Vu, Senior Digital Asset Strategies Engineer - POWERLINK QUEENSLAND
@IEC 61850 Global 2019

Photo - Julio E- Dominguez
"An excellent opportunity to look further than the end of your own nose and acknowledge that other people's solutions to shared problems may be far better than yours"
Julio E. Dominguez, SAS Designer – UFD
@IEC 61850 Global 2019
Tobia Haumann
"The combination of presentations related for smart grids and machine learning analytics is probably the most relevant for any data scientist within the grid utilities."
Tobias Haumann, Data scientist – Agder Energi Nett
@Smart Grid Big Data 2019

Rita Viegas
"The smart grid big data 2019 showed to have not only high-level speakers and presentations but also to be a place for perfect networking regarding topics like big data and smart grid. It was a pleasure to participate in such an event and exchange knowledge with colleagues in the utility sector."
Rita Viegas, Data Analyst - EDP Distribuicao
@Smart Grid Big Data 2019
Loic Rebours
“A great vendor agnostic conference
focused on utility experiences.”
Loïc Rebours, IT Engineer - Enedis
@GIS4SmartGrid 2018

Photo - Yiannakis Ioannou
“GIS4SmartGrid 2018 is worth both the time and the effort to gather and discuss the matters of innovation to success. Take a step back, think and act quickly to tackle the challenges:
this is the main message.”
Yiannakis Ioannou, GIS Coordinator of Engineering - Electricity Authority of Cyprus
@GIS4SmartGrid 2018
Ton Rijnen
“Good opportunity to share updates with colleagues in IT/OT. Discover different approaches for the same problems.
Learn new market developments.”
Ton Rijnen, IT Service Officer EMS - Tennet
@NextGen SCADA Europe 2018

Aurelio Blanquet
“Great event and a unique opportunity to discuss with utility peers and vendors the challenges and opportunities of the total transformation on network operation systems.”
Aurelio Blanquet, Director - EDP
@NextGen SCADA Europe 2018
Gerhard Straouhs
“Excellently organised event bringing together people from all over the world and from all fields of application for discussing really relevant topics.”
Gerhard Strauhs, DF FA AS ETM R&D-SW DE - ETM Professional Control
@IEC 61850 Europe 2018