Overcoming the cost and complexity of implementing IEC standards to fast track the deployment of the smart grid

Date: 16th-20th October 2023

Format: In-Person

Venue: Park Plaza, Amsterdam Airport

Group Booking Discount - 10% discount for 3+ delegates, 20% discount for 5+ delegates and 30% discount for 10+ delegates booked from the same organisation at the same time!

Communication Briefing

Translating Technical Know-How into Organisational Priorities to Influence the Board and Secure Long-term Technology Investment

Registration: 08:00 | Programme: 08:30 to 16:30


Session 1: Communication Framework - Understanding the do’s and don’ts of effective communication with senior management and the board
Participants receive a comprehensive overview of tried and tested communication principles and methods, designed to maximise engagement, leverage persuasion and influence, and deliver effective communication with multi-functional teams and senior management. All facets of communication will be addressed including the optimal use of words, tone, and body language

Session 2: Understanding Board Priorities - Getting under the skin of the financial, legal and regulatory priorities of the Board to achieve alignment and maximise engagement
This session clarifies the pressures and priorities of the Utility Board and unpacks their decision making and investment process. It provides insights into the key information required by the CEO and clarifies how they make the most organisationally robust decisions to safeguard long term investments and brand reputation

Session 3: Technical into Financial - Successfully translating technical information into organisational priorities to drive Board engagement and ensure ongoing support
Breaking down technical concepts to make it understandable to non-technical leaders, and leveraging their organisational and financial benefits to communicate the need for technology investment in the language of the Board

Session 4: Creating the Business Plan - Determining the core considerations of the technology investment business plan and mastering the art of business plan writing
Understanding the fundamentals of technology business plan writing and devising a plan that demonstrates the cost-benefit with credibility and impact in the language of the Board

Session 5: Presenting to the Board – Leveraging the art and science of persuasion to ensure effective communication of the technology business plan and secure long term investment
Applying communication principles and techniques that amplify your message, engage your audience, and secure investment with ease

Session 6: Communication Roleplay - Practice makes perfect
During this session participants apply the lessons learnt throughout the course of the day, to pitching their technology investment plan, and receive feedback on their communication style and persuasiveness