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Leveraging virtualisation and centralisation to drive the large-scale deployment of IEC 61850 across the smart grid
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Friday 26th August 2022
5-Day In Person Conference, Exhibition & Networking Forum
Monday 17th to Friday 21st October 2022 | Cardiff, UK 

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IEC 61850 System Specification: Practical Training Workshop

Monday 17th October 2022, 10:00 to 17:30
Workshop Format
As more and more utilities embrace digital substations, the pressure is on to develop advanced in-house specification skills and processes that will enable utilities to procure at the speed of the digital age, with the accuracy and cost-efficiency that remains the hallmark of the power grid.
This full-day workshop on System Specification, designed to assist utilities in developing the advanced Specification skills they need to ensure they remain in the driving seat of the end-to-end IEC 61850 implementation process

Workshop Agenda


Registration and Refreshments
Session 1: Introduction to System Specification for IEC 61850 from the Utility Perspective
Determining the level of detail required to ensure accuracy of end-user requirements
Quantifying the benefits of detailed end-user specification in terms of project time and cost savings
Setting expectations for how suppliers will respond and what they will deliver as part of the tender
Session 2: Introduction to System Specification for IEC 61850 from a Standards Perspective
Understanding the history of specification in IEC 61850
Examining how the specification process has evolved over time
Reviewing the implications of the latest updates with part 6-100
12:30 Lunch
Session 3: Understanding the Engineering Process with Enhanced Specification
Comparing the variations in engineering process specified in IEC 61850-6
Pinpointing what should be specified for engineering process
Session 4: Working with Data Models
Examining the variations in Data Models
Determining how to specify the Data Model
15:00 Afternoon Refreshments
Session 5: System and Communication Architecture
Evaluating variations supported by the Standard
Understanding the criteria that should be specified for architecture and how this can be done
Session 6: Practical Demonstration and Lessons Learnt
Specification demonstration using the Helinks STS including verification of the specification by simulation
Feedback from various projects including OSMOSE
17:30 Close of Workshop


Workshop Leader

Christoph Brunner


Christoph Brunner, President of it4power, Convenor of TC57 WG10
Christoph Brunner graduated as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1983. He is a Utility Industry professional with over 25 years of industry experience with both knowledge across several areas within the Utility Industry and of technologies from the Automation Industry. He is president of it4power in Switzerland, a consulting company to the power industry. He has worked as a project manager at ABB Switzerland Ltd in the business area Power Technology Products in Zurich / Switzerland where he was responsible for the process close communication architecture of the substation automation system. He is convenor of the working group (WG) 10 of the IEC TC57 and member of WG 17, 18 and 19 of IEC TC57. He is IEEE Fellow, member of IEEE-PES and IEEE-SA. He is active in several working groups of the IEEE-PSRC (Power Engineering Society – Relay Committee) and member of the PSRC main committee and the subcommittee H. He is international advisor to the board of the UCA international users group.

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