Integrating cloud solutions to manage the influx of large volumes of data in a dynamic grid environment
16 September 2020 | Virtual Conference


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08:00Participant login, objective setting, meeting scheduling, poll participation
08:20Welcome Address
08:30Enterprise Cloud Strategy – establishing a Global and Integrated IT/OT Cloud Strategy as a Business and Smart Grid Enabler
09:19Developing an Accepted and Sustainable Cloud – a methodology to switch the organisational attitude towards Cloud as a future-based concept to deliver physical IT-infrastructures and to enable digitalisation
09:51Evaluating SaaS, IaaS & PaaS Solutions – assessing capabilities of market solutions against your requirements to determine best fit for individual use cases
10:25Q&A Panel Session
10:40Morning Break, Exhibition, Networking
10:55IoT and the Cloud – building a best in class sensor telemetry and substation analytics platform with cloud technology
  • Olli Aaltonen
    Olli Aaltonen
    Special Advisor, Intelligent Process Automation & IoT, FINGRID
11:31Applying Cloud in Power Generation – increasing communication and integration through cloud architecture between power generation, TSOs and DSOs to enable better load planning and grid flexibility
11:58Overcoming Security Challenges – understanding the threat landscape and incorporating new techniques within architecture development to mitigate security concerns and better protect grid operations
12:25Q&A Panel Session
12:40Lunch, Exhibition, Networking
13:25Designing Hybrid Cloud Solutions – tailoring your cloud solutions to fit within your evolving utility environment
  • Brandon Baxley
    Brandon Baxley
    Senior Solution Architect, Duke Energy Corporation
13:58Serverless Technology – leveraging serverless technology in a utility environment to achieve increased scalability of your IT framework
14:26Use-Case for Providing Scalable Control Centre Services – establishing a common system platform with unified operational processes enabling digitalisation development across several DSO’s
  • Jouni Pylvänäinen
    Jouni Pylvänäinen
    Managing Director, Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy
14:56Use-Case for Next-Generation Cloud Applications – utilising cloud infrastructure in order to calculate grid based electric tariff rates for EVs
  • Rick Protik Mukherjee
    Rick Protik Mukherjee
    Solutions Architect, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • James
    James McCloskey
    EV Analytics Project Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric
15:15Q&A Panel Session
15:30Afternoon Break, Exhibition, Networking
15:45Technology Innovation - evaluating alternative cloud solutions to meet organisational demands
16:35Q&A Panel Session
16:50Roundtable Discussions
17:50Roundtable Feedback
18:20Closing Remarks