Integrating cloud solutions to manage the influx of large volumes of data in a dynamic grid environment
15-17 September 2020 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Conference Day One Tuesday 15 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00Enterprise Cloud Strategy – establishing a Global and Integrated IT/OT Cloud Strategy as a Business and Smart Grid Enabler
09:45Developing an Accepted and Sustainable Cloud – a methodology to switch the organisational attitude towards Cloud as a future-based concept to deliver physical IT-infrastructures and to enable digitalisation
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Utility Panel: Putting Cloud at the Heart of your Digitisation Strategy – determining whether to invest in public or in-house cloud platforms to achieve the required levels of flexibility and security levels
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00Digitalisation of Grid Operations – designing and implementing an end-to-end data management strategy to support the ongoing digitalisation of grid assets and operations
14:45Cloud Finance – how Cloud upends traditional IT spending models
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Evaluating SaaS, IaaS & PaaS Solutions – assessing capabilities of market solutions against your requirements to determine best fit for individual use cases
16:45Ensuring Data Governance – setting robust data governance parameters for cloud data to increase integration, consistency, compliance and accuracy of data
17:30Roundtable Discussions
19:00Networking Drinks
21:00End of conference day one
Conference Day Two Wednesday 16 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00IoT and the Cloud – building a best in class sensor telemetry and substation analytics platform with cloud technology
  • Olli Aaltonen
    Olli Aaltonen
    Special Advisor, Intelligent Process Automation & IoT, FINGRID
09:45Applying Cloud in Power Generation – increasing communication and integration through cloud architecture between power generation, TSOs and DSOs to enable better load planning and grid flexibility
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Technology Innovation Panel – evaluating alternative cloud solutions to meet organisational demands
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking reception
14:00Data Sharing – facilitating data interoperability and meter access in Europe to increase innovation and integrate markets
14:45Overcoming Security Challenges – understanding the threat landscape and incorporating new techniques within architecture development to mitigate security concerns and better protect grid operations
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Edge-Based Analytics – integrating cloud and edge systems for energy management to improve security, latency and reliability
  • Omer Rana
    Professor Omer Rana
    Professor of Performance Engineering, University of Cardiff
16:45Integrating Smart Meter Data – designing and implementing APIs to provide energy data services with cloud storage and work towards carbon neutrality
17:30End of conference day two
Conference Day Three Thursday 17 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Cloud Internal Skills Development – upskilling the workforce to ensure cloud functionality is fully realised
09:45Working with Cloud Solution Providers – adopting a bespoke or multi-purpose off-the-shelf solution to best serve your organisational setup
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Cloud and AI&ML – leveraging cloud solutions to support high volume data storage, management and analytics
  • Ashiq Anjum
    Professor Ashiq Anjum
    Professor of Distributed Systems, University of Leicester
11:45Cloud & GDPR – setting new best practice when operating within the new regulatory framework to exceed compliance requirements
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00Use-Case for Providing Scalable Control Centre Services – establishing a common system platform with unified operational processes enabling digitalisation development across several DSO’s
  • Jouni Pylvänäinen
    Jouni Pylvänäinen
    Managing Director, Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy
14:45Use-Case for Next-Generation Cloud Applications – further adoption of advanced cloud computing to fully realise the capabilities, flexibility and agility offered
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Tutorial: DevOps vs DevSecOps – changing the mindset and ‘left shifting’ software development to incorporate security into the first stage of development
17:30End of conference