Transforming utility innovation to maximise effectiveness, drive business value and speed to market, and leverage the opportunities of the energy transition
22-24 September 2020 | Brussels, Belgium


Conference Day 1 Tuesday 22 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00The Innovation Imperative – putting innovation at the heart of utilities’ strategy to drive the next phase of the energy transition
  • Senior Representative
    Speakers to be confirmed
09:45An Innovation Roadmap – creating a consistent blueprint to speed up innovation
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Utility Panel: The Role of the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) – understanding the important role that a CIO has in managing the disruption of innovation and delivering business value from the process
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Creating Teams for Innovation – selecting the appropriate organisational models that will drive innovation through the entire business value chain
14:45Innovating with Academia – forging effective relationships with universities and research institutes to develop commercially impactful innovation projects
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00In-House Innovation Process – the importance of developing an organisation and process structure to rapidly identify new opportunities and target effective innovation
16:45Grid Edge Visibility – developing innovative projects to establish real-time visibility of the power grid edge and behind the meter to manage evolving generation and demand profiles
17:30Roundtable Discussions
19:00Networking Reception
20:30End of Conference Day One
Conference Day 2 Wednesday 23 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Creating Value Through Innovation – overcoming the constraints of established business models and a risk-averse operating environment to deliver high-value, well-targeted business projects
  • Senior Representative
    Manuael Initi
    Innovation Networks Business Unit, A2A
09:45Creating Operational Efficiency – driving new levels of efficiency across the utility organisation to better meet the demands of the energy transition
  • Rafael San Juan Moya - Iberdrola
    Rafael San Juan Moya
    Digital Platforms & Innovation Team, Iberdrola
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Technology Innovation Panel – identifying the most effective tools to speed up the innovation process through improved communication, coordination and visibility
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Open Innovation – the value of combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external routes to market to advance the development of new technologies
14:45Innovation Delivery – establishing the business need, securing internal and external buy-in, and managing an innovation project through to business as usual
  • Aart Jan Zwartscholten - Stedin
    Aart-Jan Zwartscholten
    Manager, Innovation, Stedin
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Innovation with Suppliers – managing suppliers to extract value from the relationship whilst maintaining independence
  • Liam Ryan - EirGrid
    Liam Ryan
    Director of Grid Development & Interconnection, EirGrid
16:45HV Grid Reliability – identifying the innovations required to ensure HV grid reliability in an evolving power landscape as the number of DERs integrating into the grid increases
17:30End of Conference Day Two
Conference Day 3 Thursday 24 September 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Implementing Innovation – effectively guiding innovation from pilot project to business as usual
  • Frans Campfens
    Frans Campfens
    Senior Consultant, Energy Consulting, Qirion (Alliander)
09:45Innovation ROI – establishing simple frameworks and effective methodologies to determine project ROI and inform targeted innovation investment decisions
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Building a Culture of Innovation – creating an innovation function, embedding it in the company DNA and delivering innovation to meet business needs
  • Slawomir Noske - ENERGA-OPERATOR - Grid Asset Management 2019
    Sławomir Noske
    Director of Innovation Department, ENERGA-OPERATOR
11:45An Outside Perspective – leveraging lessons learnt from the innovation programmes in other sectors to inspire profitable innovation in the utility sector
  • Jacob Parsons
    Jacob Parsons
    Enterprise Lead for Utilities, Energy, Automotive and Manufacturing (Engineering Sector), Amazon Innovation Team
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Working with Commercial Consultants – extracting long-term value from consultancy-based innovation projects by effectively integrating with internal teams to maximise project impact and knowledge retention
14:45Grid Flexibility – determining the most cost-effective innovations that will deliver grid flexibility in the immediate and long term
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Tutorial: Unlocking Value from Data – leveraging data, data analytics and artificial intelligence to identify new innovative project opportunities
17:30End of Conference Day Three