Achieving energy system flexibility through effective DER integration & operation
1-3 October 2019 | London, UK

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Hilton London Kensington
179-199 Holland Park Ave
United Kingdom
W11 4UL

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Welcome to Smart Grid Flexibility 2019

The first Smart Grid Flexibility conference takes place October 2019, in London, UK. Drawing together specialists in flexibility and distributed energy, this utility-driven conference focuses on the strategic, commercial, and technical issues surrounding the flexible integration of DERs into the electricity system.

The utility-driven, case-study led conference programme also includes a technology-innovation panel, a series of end-user driven round table discussions, a live demo lab of the latest vendor tools, an exhibition area displaying state of the art DER and flexibility technologies, an extended blockchain tutorial and a networking evening reception open to all participants.

Event highlights include:

  • Case-study driven conference programme
  • Technology-innovation panel discussions
  • Roundtable breakout sessions
  • Networking evening reception
  • Exhibition area displaying 10+ suppliers
  • Blockchain tutorial
  • Live demo labs of the latest tools and technologies
Day 1: Markets & System OperationTuesday 1 October 2019
08:00Registration & Refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00Industry Roadmap for DERs – developing a practical strategy for mass DER uptake through effective support for a diverse range of energy market actors
  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez
    Head of Technology Portfolio and Sustainable Project Development, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks
09:45DNO to DSO Transformation – transforming the role of the distribution operator to deliver a reliable, decentralised energy system
10:30Morning refreshments, networking & exhibition
11:00Panel: Future Markets – evaluating the necessary changes to energy markets and system actor responsibilities to drive forward flexibility and meet the challenge of mass DER uptake
12:30Lunch, networking & exhibition
14:00Roles in new flexibility markets – developing an independent marketplace to optimize exchange of flexibility across the energy system
  • Rune Hogga
    Rune Hogga
    Chairman of the Board, NODES & CEO, Agder Energi Fleksibilitet
14:45Evolutions in the Balancing market – opening up balancing services to all technologies and all voltage levels
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibition
16:00Transmission System Operation – effectively maintaining the real-time security and resilience of the transmission system as DERs replace conventional generation
16:45Investing for Flexibility – developing a robust investment decision-making framework for weighing up flexibility investments with traditional grid reinforcement
17:30Roundtable Discussions
19:00Networking Reception
21:00Close of conference day one
Day 2: DER Integration & ManagementWednesday 2 October 2019
08:30Registration & Refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00Active Network Management – leveraging automation to ensure reliable operation of distribution grid with high levels of DER penetration
10:30Morning refreshments, networking & exhibition
11:00Technology Innovation Panel: Distributed Energy Management – developing highly-customizable platforms and tools for the dynamic management of DERs to meet the current and future needs of grid operators
  • Colin Mackenzie
    Colin Mackenzie
    Business Development Manager, DERMS , ABB Power
  • Alan Gooding
    Alan Gooding
    Executive Director, Smarter Grid Solutions
12:30Lunch, networking & exhibition
14:00Local Energy Communities – developing mechanisms to facilitate the local exchange of energy between DER operators and deliver a more decentralized energy system
14:45TSO-DSO Coordination – effectively managing the energy system through closer collaboration between transmission and distribution system operators
  • Speaker to be confirmed
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibition
16:00LV Network Visibility – Leveraging data-driven methods to maximise DER capacity through improved visibility of LV networks
  • Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Assistant Director, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialisation Program, Enedis
16:45Grid Planning – optimising grid planning and investment strategy to meet the demands of a more complex and distributed generation and demand landscape
  • Jozef Huyck
    Jozef Huyck
    Head of Asset Planning & Network Development, Fluvius
17:30Close of conference day two
Day 3: New Technology & InnovationThursday 3 October 2019
08:30Registration & Refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00DER Forecasting - leveraging advanced analytical engines to ensure reliable network performance through accurate forecasting
  • Frank Jacobs
    Frank Jacobs
    Senior Principal Transmission & Distribution, Accenture
09:45Flexibility Standards – designing a standardized interface for device and application agnostic procurement of flexibility services from a wide range of actors
10:30Morning refreshments, networking & exhibition
11:00Battery Storage – effectively integrating battery storage solutions into the smart grid to deliver a crucial source of flexibility to the energy system
11:45Power-to-Gas Storage – leveraging existing gas infrastructure to provide a source of large-scale storage and flexibility
  • Heidi Saastamoinen
    Heidi Saastamoinen
    Research Scientist Renewable Energy Processes, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
12:30Lunch, networking & exhibition
14:00Embedded Microgrids – developing local generation within microgrids to act as decentralised flexibility and grid service providers
  • Travis Kauschke
    Travis Kauschke
    Future Networks Engineer, South Australia Power Networks
  • Arnold McKinley
    Arnold McKinley
    Teaching Fellow, University College London
14:45Vehicle-to-Grid Services – preparing the energy system for the mass uptake of EVs and exploring their potential as a flexible asset delivering Vehicle-to-Grid response
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibition
16:00Democratizing Energy with Blockchain – revolutionizing the energy system with an open source, public blockchain that fully supports decentralized flexibility
16:45Cybersecurity – mitigating elevated cybersecurity risks from higher volumes of smart grid devices and greater levels of information exchange between system actors
  • Brad Prent
    Brad Prent
    Senior Security Consultant, ENCS
17:30Close of conference day three