Advancing prevention, detection and response strategies to ensure the reliability and resilience of the smart grid against a rapidly changing threat landscape
6-8 October 2020 | Berlin, Germany


Conference Day 1 Tuesday 6 October 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the Chair
09:00Digitisation - Developing a combined cyber and physical security strategy to better protect the ever increasing attack surface as smart utilities adopt more digital processes
09:45IT OT Convergence - Progressing IT OT convergence through new organisational structures that support closer collaboration between IT and OT colleagues to achieve seamless cybersecurity
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Utility Panel: Role and Responsibility of the CISO - Elevating the role of the CISO and prioritising the areas for their attention to achieve the biggest cybersecurity impact and return on investment
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Risk Management - Integrating internal risk management with external collaboration to achieve a superior cybersecurity defence solution
14:45NIS Directive Evolution - Reviewing how successfully the NIS directive has been implemented and how gaps in the standard are being addressed to enforce a more stringent cybersecurity structure across Europe
  • Bas Kruimer
    Bas Kruimer
    Business Director Intelligent Networks & Communication, DNV GL
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00NIS Directive in Practice - Understanding the criteria that led to the successful implementation of the NIS directive in different European countries
  • Tania Wallis
    Tania Wallis
    Researcher, University of Glasgow, School of Computing Science Secretary, EE-ISAC
16:45Security by Design BLUES (Business Led Unified Enterprise Security) – Delivering optimal cybersecurity with a comprehensive design process supported with an inclusive testing and validation programme to increase grid reliability
17:30Roundtable discussions
19:00Networking reception
20:30End of day one
Conference Day 2 Wednesday 7 October 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the Chair
09:00Substation Security - Developing an integrated cyber & physical security strategy to support the more complex needs of multi-vendor, multi-edition substation
09:45SCADA & Control Systems – Futureproofing your SCADA cybersecurity through advanced prevention & detection techniques to guard against a more dynamic threat landscape
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Technology Innovation Panel: Supplier Solutions Implementing Security By Design - Incorporating security into the design process to ensure vendors can meet the cybersecurity requirements of utilities
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Supplier Relationship Management – Collaborating with suppliers to utilise their technical expertise whilst developing cost effective futureproofed solutions that are fit for smart utilities
14:45Implementing IEC 62443 – Demonstrating the value of securing the smart grid at a systemic level to integrate different levels of security maturity in a multi-vendor industrial control system
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President, Xanthus Consulting InternationalConvenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Implementing IEC 62351 & Applying ISO27001 - Leveraging industry experience of security standards when designing or maturing cybersecurity solutions across the network
  • Ovidiu Serban
    Ovidiu Serban
    Senior Consultant in Intelligent Networks & Communication, DNV GL
16:45Cloud Security – Preparing for the adoption of more cloud-based services with increased interconnectivity and mitigating the risks on a systemic level
17:30End of day two
Conference Day 3 Thursday 8 October 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the Chair
09:00IoT and EV Security – Identifying the new vulnerabilities introduced by EV & IoT and developing a long-term strategy to mitigate the risk of the exponential increase in attack surface
  • Mahavir Gupta
    Mahavir Gupta
    Cybersecurity & IoT Software Developer, Volvo Group
09:45Smart Metering Security – Developing a smart meter cybersecurity strategy that addresses the vulnerabilities of the existing install base and future complexities introduced by DER
  • Emil Gurevitch
    Emil Gurevitch
    Senior Security Architect, Networked Energy Services (NES)Member, OSGP Alliance
  • Oleksandr Kabachynskyi
    Oleksandr Kabachynskyi
    Head Of System Administration & Information Security, JSC Khmelnytskoblenergo
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00DER Security – Developing your cybersecurity framework for a DER integrated smart grid environment, ensuring adequate visibility and control over grid extensions
11:45Advanced Prevention Techniques – Implementing next generation prevention solutions to guard against an evolving landscape in a more dynamic digital grid
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00Advanced Detection Techniques – Incorporating machine learning with IDS technologies to benefit from continuous learning in your cybersecurity solution
  • Dmytry Cherkashyn
    Dmytry Cherkashyn
    IT/OT Security Scientist, Institute for Security & Safety (ISS) at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences
14:45Advanced Response Strategies – Optimising your response strategy by ensuring a speedy and complete recovery at minimal disruption to grid operations
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Tutorial: Secure Remote Access for OT: Identifying cybersecurity risk associated with provisioning remote access for facilitating remote operations and maintenance, and developing an advanced cybersecurity strategy to mitigate the threat
  • Tahir Saleem
    Tahir Saleem
    Operational Technology Cyber Security (ICS/SCADA), DEWA
16:45End of day three