Next Generation Data Management, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning to Power the Smart Utility
17-19 September 2019 | Berlin, Germany


Main Conference Day One - Data Management Tuesday 17 September 2019 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00Demonstrating ROI – Balancing short-term wins with larger long-term goals to build a credible big data business case to secure ongoing investment
09:40Data Lakes – Evaluating the viability of data lakes as a single store repository for data to enable real time analytics from multi-streamed smart grid data
10:20Morning refreshments & exhibition
10:50Utility Panel Discussion: Approaches to Data Quality Best Practice – Establishing frameworks for improving the quality of historic and current data to achieve analytical accuracy
11:30Combining Data Streams – Merging high volume granular data from an increasing number of channels to provide a stronger foundation for advanced analytics
12:40Lunch, network & exhibition
14:00Low Voltage and Smart Meter Data Streams – Taking advantage of increased analysis through IoT deployment to the edge of the grid to gain better visibility of the grid
  • Frans Campfens
    Frans Campfens
    Senior Consultant, Energy Consulting, Qirion (Alliander)
14:40Social Media - Integrating data from social media networks to create a real-time social sensor for the smart grid
15:20Afternoon refreshments & exhibition
15:50Data Governance – Creating a robust governance framework to ensure best practice when combining modern and legacy system data
  • Razvan Tudor
    Razvan Tudor
    Chief Risk Officer & Data Protection Officer, Hidroelectrica
16:30Cyber Security – Ensuring that grid operations remain secure, accountable and unaffected by malicious attacks as infrastructure evolves
17:10Roundtable Discussions
18:40Networking Reception
20:00End of Conference Day 1
Main Conference Day Two - Grid Analytics Wednesday 18 September 2019 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00Cloud Migration – Preparing and migrating to the cloud whilst ensuring that energy security is unaffected, and value is retained
09:40Big Data Talent – Creating a framework for identifying and nurturing talent in the data science space to build a department of top performers
  • Yingxun Zhou
    Yingxun Zhou
    Smart Asset Insight Manager, SSE
10:20Morning refreshments & exhibition
10:50Multi-Objective Aspects of Distribution Networks Volt/Var Optimisation
11:30Visualisation - Creating a system that collects, visualises and delivers insights instantly for real time monitoring to improve quality of supply
  • Per-Oddvar Osland
    Per-Oddvar Osland
    Program Manager, Smart Metering, Agder Energi
  • Senior Representative
    Tobias Haumann
    Data Scientist, Agder Energi Nett
12:10Lunch, network & exhibition
13:30Automating Predictive Maintenance - Extending the lifespan, improving stability and operational efficiency of infrastructure by mitigating unexpected disasters
14:10GIS Based Analytics – Harnessing GIS based insights, technology transformation and advanced analytics programmes to broaden view of the pressures facing the grid
14:50Afternoon refreshments & exhibition
15:20Grid Planning – Harnessing deep analytics and automation in design of future grid operations to improve flexibility and offerings to the customer
  • Jacob Rodriguez Rivero - Enel
    Jacob Rodriguez Rivero
    New Technology & Innovation Intelligence Program Manager, Enel
16:00Non-Technical Loss Use Case – Identifying and eliminating fraudulent activity through the deep analysis of consumer and grid data
16:40End of Conference Day 2
Post Conference Seminar - AI & ML 4 Smart Grid Thursday 19 September 2019 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
09:00Where to Start with AI – Determining how best to leverage AI and machine learning techniques on existing advanced analytics platforms to enable autonomous decision-making and portfolio optimization
09:40Centralised Grid Analytics – Developing the optimum methods to use multiple diverse data sources to your advantage in asset management
10:20Smart Dynamic Pricing - accessing flexibility from end-consumers through ML for different needs (e.g. balancing, congestion management, auto-consumption)
11:00Morning refreshments & exhibition
11:30Improving Safety with AI and ML – Using AI to monitor and assess worker safety during on-voltage operations
12:10Automated Asset Investment Planning – Using AI to find the most robust investment strategy for a system in transition
12:50Demand Response – Leveraging data analytics and machine learning for demand response
  • Miha Grabner - Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute - Grid Asset Management 2019
    Miha Grabner
    Data Scientist, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute
13:30Lunch, network & exhibition
14:30Load Balancing – Developing a prognosis for consumption in trade using machine learning
15:10AI & ML for Smart Meter Data – Using smart meter data for distribution network monitoring and early warning of network constraints violation
  • Maizura Mokhtar - SP Energy Networks
    Maizura Mokhtar
    Data Scientist, KTP Associate, Heriot-Watt University and Scottish Power Energy Networks
15:50Wider AI Grid Applications – Using drones and AI recognition methods for asset management and examining the wider AI grid applications being evaluated at Enedis
  • Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Assistant Director, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialisation Program, Enedis
16:30Afternoon refreshments & exhibition
17:00AI Future Potential – Assessing the potential of AI for operating the grid under increasing uncertainty
  • Aidan O'Sullivan
    Aidan O’Sullivan
    Energy Systems and Data Analytics MSc, University College London
17:40AI for EV Charging: Quantifying and exploiting flexibility in EV charging with data-driven modeling and reinforcement learning
18:20End of seminar