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Developing advanced SCADA, EMS and DMS infrastructure to deliver intelligent monitoring and control of the evolving energy system
27-31 January 2020 | Berlin, Germany


SCADA Security Seminar Friday 31 January 2020 Download
Next-Gen SCADA Security Strategy: Developing a SCADA security strategy that strikes an effective balance between security and usability
Cybersecurity Governance: Driving organizational change to raise cybersecurity awareness, reinforce best practise and achieve consistent compliance
Emerging Threats: Understanding evolving hacker trends and how technology innovations are opening SCADA infrastructure up to advanced, persistent attacks
IoT Security: Integrating SCADA with smart meters and DERs without compromising network security
Threat Detection: Developing a risk management framework for threat detection to effectively mitigate the risk of successful cyber attacks
Security Operations Centre: Building the capability to effectively detect and respond to the full range of cybersecurity threats
Intrusion Detection Systems: Deploying intrusion detection systems to track industrial assets, OT threats and to monitor SCADA systems with real-time insight
Cybersecurity Testing: Rigorously testing devices, systems and the organization to quantify cybersecurity risks and identify effective mitigation strategies
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