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Developing advanced SCADA, EMS and DMS infrastructure to deliver intelligent monitoring and control of the evolving energy system
27-31 January 2020 | Berlin, Germany


Conference Day 1 Tuesday 28 January 2020 Download
Next-Gen SCADA Infrastructure: Presenting a vision for the future of smart grid SCADA and outlining the necessary steps to achieve it
Modular Design: Designing flexible next-gen SCADA architectures to meet the challenge of rapidly evolving energy system
Panel: Business Case: Examining SCADA in the context of the energy transition to build a compelling business case for investment in advanced features
ADMS: Integrating SCADA with DMS and OMS to create a centralized platform for advanced management of distribution grids
Upskilling: Developing organizational capability to implement, operate and continuously upgrade next-gen SCADA systems
System Testing: Rigorously testing next-gen SCADA systems to ensure their long-term security, resilience and reliability
SCADA Migration: Seamlessly migrating to next-gen SCADA while maximizing value from legacy systems
End of Day One