Leveraging advanced IEC 61850 features to drive interchangeability within the substation and across the wider smart grid
26-30 October 2020 | Brussels, Belgium


2019 Seminar: Future Applications of IEC 61850 in New Domains Friday 18 October 2019 Download
09:00DER Standards Update: Evaluating recent developments to IEC 61850 that support a more decentralised and flexible energy system through the intelligent operation of grid-edge assets
  • Laurent Guise - Schneider Electric
    Laurent Guise
    Standardization Director, Schneider ElectricConvenor, IEC TC 57 WG 17
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President, Xanthus Consulting InternationalConvenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
09:45Open-Source IEC 61850: Leveraging open-source tools to monitor and control DERs over communication networks
10:30Morning refreshments
11:00Hybrid Wind & Storage: Leveraging IEC 61850 and related standards to achieve advanced control, protection and monitoring of integrated wind & storage systems
  • Nicholas Etherden
    Nicholas Etherden
    Senior R&D Engineer, VattenfallConvenor, IEC TC 88 JWG 25
11:45Wind Power Ancillary Services: Achieving direct control of distribution-grid-connected wind farms with IEC 61850/61400-25 to provide ancillary services at the TSO level, including congestion and voltage support
14:00Provision of Flexibility with IEC 61850: Developing IEC 61850-7-420 to include modelling of Smart Grid energy services and sector coupling
  • Andrea Schröder - FGH
    Andrea Schröder
    Scientific Associate - Department of Plant Engineering, FGH e.V.
14:45Microgrids: Achieving interoperation and coordinated control in diverse microgrid systems
  • Osama Mohammed
    Osama Mohammed
    Director, Energy Systems Research Laboratory, Florida International University
15:30Afternoon refreshments
16:00Battery System Control & Testing: Utilising IEC 61850 MMS to control and test the scalability of battery storage systems
  • Manuel Pitz
    Manuel Pitz
    Real-Time Simulation and HiL, RWTH Aachen E.ON Energy Research Center
16:45Vehicle-to-Grid Services: Implementing plug-and-play vehicle-to-grid charging using IEC 61850 to support a wide range of grid services
17:30Close of seminar