VIRTUAL EVENT: Driving the large-scale deployment of IEC 61850 across the substation, the wider smart grid, and distributed energy resources
26-30 October 2020 | Virtual Conference


IEC 61850 for DER Integration Focus Day Friday 30 October 2020 Download
09:00IEC 61850 for DER Secure Information Exchange – making the business case for using IEC 61850 information exchange between DER and TSOs and DSOs
  • Tuan Vu
    Tuan Vu
    Senior Digital Asset Strategies Engineer, Powerlink Queensland
09:35Live Q&A – IEC 61850 for DER Secure Information Exchange
09:45Developing IEC 61850-7-42009 – developing IEC 61850-7-42009 information models to be used in the exchange of information with distributed energy resources (DER)
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President, Xanthus Consulting International Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
10:20Live Q&A – Developing IEC 61850-7-42009
10:30Morning Networking & Virtual Exhibition Break
11:00IEC 61850 & DER Security – ensuring cyber security in a DER integrated smart grid, enabling protection and control for grid extensions with IEC 61850
11:35Live Q&A – IEC 61850 & DER Security
11:45Battery Storage – addressing the specific challenges of enabling communication between TSOs, DSOs and battery storage systems with IEC 61850 to ensure efficient and reliable operation
  • Hareesh Puttur
    Hareesh Gowda
    Project Engineer – Substations, Karnakata Power
12:20Live Q&A – Battery Storage
12:30Roundtable Discussions
13:00Lunch Networking & Virtual Exhibition Break
14:00Converging IEC 61850 and IoT – establishing end-to-end solutions for behind the meter applications
14:35Live Q&A – Converging IEC 61850 and IoT
14:45Off & On Shore Wind Energy Generation – effectively implementing IEC 61850 and related standards to achieve advanced control, protection and monitoring of, integrated, off and on shore wind generation
15:20Live Q&A – Off & On Shore Wind Energy Generation
15:30Afternoon Networking & Virtual Exhibition Break
16:00Microgrid Integration – evaluating the potential for IEC 61850 standards to enable advanced control and integration of microgrids in the energy network
  • Laurent Guise - Schneider Electric
    Laurent Guise
    Standardization Director, Schneider Electric Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 17
16:35Live Q&A – Microgrid Integration
16:45Alarm Handling - defining a methodology to handle alarms in 61850 systems
  • Nicholas Etherden
    Nicholas Etherden
    Senior R&D Engineer, Vattenfall Convenor, IEC TC 88 JWG 25
  • Giuseppe Rigadello
    Giuseppe Rigadello
    Senior Automation Expert, Enyr Srl
17:20Live Q&A – Alarm Handling
17:30Roundtable Discussions
18:00End of Seminar