Leveraging advanced IEC 61850 features to drive interchangeability within the substation and across the wider smart grid
14-18 October 2019 | London, UK

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Welcome to IEC 61850 Global 2019

Drawing together 150+ IEC 61850 specialists and implementation leaders, this end-user-driven programme focuses on achieving multi-vendor, multi-edition interoperability within the substation and across the wider smart grid. This year’s week long programme begins with a one-day workshop on the Fundamentals of IEC 61850 led by Christoph Brunner, followed by the 3-day main conference focused on global IEC 61850 implementation case-studies, and concludes with a one-day seminar on future applications of IEC 61850 in new domains.

Programme format:

Monday 14 October 2019: Workshop – Fundamentals of IEC 61850
Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 October 2019: Main Conference & Exhibition – Global IEC 61850 Implementation Case-Studies
Friday 18 October 2019: 
Seminar – Future Applications of IEC 61850 in New Domains

Event highlights include:

  • Case-Study Programme
  • Utility Heavy Speaker Line-Up
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Fundamentals Workshop
  • Future Applications Seminar
  • Solution Zone
  • Live Demo Labs
  • Evening Networking Reception
Workshop: Fundamentals of IEC 61850Monday 14 October 2019
  • Christoph Brunner
    Christoph Brunner
    President of it4power & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG10
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President of Xanthus Consulting International & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
  • Alex Apostolov
    Alex Apostolov
    Principal Engineer, OMICRON Editor-in-Chief, PAC World
CONFERENCE DAY 1Tuesday 15 October 2019
08:15Registration and refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the Chair
  • Christoph Brunner
    Christoph Brunner
    President of it4power & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG10
09:00 Standards Update: Examining new opportunities afforded by the latest developments from IEC working groups as well as efforts to harmonise end-user implementation across the industry
  • Christoph Brunner
    Christoph Brunner
    President of it4power & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG10
  • Ralph Mackiewicz
    Ralph Mackiewicz
    Vice President, Business Development - SISCO & Chairman of Board of Directors, UCAIug
  • Vladan Cvejic
    Vladan Cvejic
    Owner - Power Automation Consulting & IEC 61850 Profile Manager, ENTSO-E
  • Senior Representative
    Johannes Stürmer
    Grid Development - innogy & Active Network Management Task Force, E.DSO
10:30Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:00Global Implementation Panel: Exploring global IEC 61850 implementations and comparing levels of penetration globally
  • Arnaud Ulian
    Arnaud Ulian
    Project Director, EDF Chairman, IEC TC57
  • Tuan Vu
    Tuan Vu
    Senior Digital Asset Strategies Engineer, Powerlink Queensland
  • Frans Shanyata
    Frans Shanyata
    Senior Engineer: Projects & Multidisciplinary, NamPower
  • Mark Thompson (video presentation)
    Mark Thompson (video presentation)
    Engineering Manager - IEC 61850 Projects, National Grid USA
12:30Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:00Industrialising IEC 61850: Developing a streamlined engineering process that produces repeatable, scalable and vendor-independent substation design
14:40Multi-Vendor, Multi-Edition Systems: Integrating the latest substation automation technology with legacy systems using IEC 61850
  • Jan Voltman
    Jan Voltman
    Consultant, Qirion (Alliander)
  • Robbert Koenderman
    Robbert Koenderman
    Senior Engineer, Qirion (Alliander)
15:20Fully Digital Substations: Specifying IEC 61850 process bus systems to support advanced information exchange between processes and enterprise systems
  • Anders Johnsson
    Anders Johnsson
    Power System Specialist, Vattenfall Eldistribution
16:00Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibition
16:30Top-Down Design: Developing accurate and comprehensive system specifications that support the fluid interchange of multi-vendor devices
17:10Low-Power Instrument Transformers: Assessing the technological maturity of LPITs in terms of cost, reliability and performance and determining realistic timelines and conditions for their commercial-scale introduction
  • Paolo Mazza
    Paolo Mazza
    Head of Research Unit Measurement and Diagnostics for Power Systems, RSE & Convenor, IEC TC 38 WG 47
17:50Roundtable Discussions
19:20Networking reception
20:30Close of conference day one
CONFERENCE DAY 2Wednesday 16 October 2019
08:30Registration and refreshments
08:50Opening remarks from the chair
  • Alex Apostolov
    Alex Apostolov
    Principal Engineer, OMICRON Editor-in-Chief, PAC World
09:00C-WAMPACS: Leveraging sophisticated protection, automation & control architectures to meet the evolving demands of the energy system
  • Alex Apostolov
    Alex Apostolov
    Principal Engineer, OMICRON Editor-in-Chief, PAC World
09:40Advanced Maintenance: Optimising IEC 61850 designs, documentation and testing regimes to deliver simplified maintenance and support condition-based maintenance
10:20Process Bus Testing : Comprehensively testing IEC 61850 process bus systems to ensure smooth interoperation and consistent performance
  • Rannveig Loken
    Rannveig Loken
    Senior Specialist Protection and Control Systems, Statnett
11:00Morning refreshments, networking & exhibition
11:30System Interoperability Panel Discussion: Outlining the challenges vendors face in achieving interoperability and the steps they are taking to address them
  • Peter Kreutzer
    Peter Kreutzer
    Global Product Manager, ABB
  • Mital Kanabar
    Mital Kanabar
    Senior R&D Applications Engineering Manager, GE Grid Solutions
  • Senior Representative
    Senior Representative
    , Arteche
13:00Lunch, networking & exhibition
14:30Advanced Testing: Managing testing complexity in multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems
  • Fred Steinhauser
    Fred Steinhauser
    IEC 61850 and Digital Substation Expert, OMICRON
15:10Advanced Device Management: Futureproofing IEC 61850 systems through advanced system management capability
15:50Afternoon refreshments, networking & exhibition
16:20Remote Monitoring & Testing: Remotely monitoring & testing IEC 61850 devices to drive down maintenance costs and improve testing efficiency
17:00Centralised Protection & Control: Consolidating protection and control functions into fewer devices to simplify maintenance and reduce substation footprint
17:40Virtualised Substation Automation and Protection system: Virtualising protection relays into software appliances to eliminate the need for physical hardware
  • Mehrdad Vahabi (video presentation)
    Mehrdad Vahabi (video presentation)
    Substation Automation Manager, Southern California Edison
18:20Close of conference day two
CONFERENCE DAY 3Thursday 17 October 2019
08:30Registration and refreshments
09:00Cybersecurity Frameworks: Securing control systems, networks and user access in accordance with IEC 62351 and other cybersecurity standards to effectively safeguard multi-vendor IEC 61850 systems
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President of Xanthus Consulting International & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
09:40Intrusion Detection Systems: Deploying intrusion detection systems (IDS) to track industrial assets, OT threats and to monitor IEC 61850 networks and processes with real-time insight
  • Dr. Fouad Abou Chacra
    Dr. Fouad Abou Chacra
    Senior Specialist Projects & Innovation, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
10:20Integrated Monitoring & Configuration: Streamlining IED Management through the integration of real-time monitoring and configuration
11:00Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:30Vendor-Independent Testing Tool Panel Discussion: Meeting the need for multi-edition and multi-vendor interoperability for configuration and testing tools
  • Eric Xu
    Eric Xu
    Lead Simulation and Automation Engineer, RTDS
  • Joel Greene
    Joel Greene
    Director, 61850 development, Triangle MicroWorks
  • Senior Representative
    Senior Representative
    , EFACEC
  • Senior Representative
    Senior Representative
13:00Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:30Digital Primary Substations: Standardising IEC 61850 between IEDs and creating an IEC 61850 tool compatible with old legacy devices to achieve big savings in the roll-out of IEC 61850 to existing substations
  • María Avery Fernández
    María Avery Fernández
    Head of Remote Control & Protection, Endesa
15:10HVDC Interconnections: Leveraging precise, high-speed IEC 61850 data acquisition to achieve dynamic, multi-modal operation of HVDC interconnections
  • Matías Sánchez Mingarro
    Matías Sánchez Mingarro
    Protection Applications & Project Manager, Red Eléctrica de España
15:50Afternoon refreshments, networking, and exhibition
16:20OSMOSE: Improving interoperability frameworks to facilitate plug & play integration and better exploitation of flexibility solutions
17:00Substation Digital Twin: Leveraging IEC 61850 and machine learning to achieve advanced monitoring and simulation of substation systems
17:40Close of conference day three
Seminar: Future Applications of IEC 61850 in New Domains Friday 18 October 2019
09:00DER Standards Update: Evaluating recent developments to IEC 61850 that support a more decentralised and flexible energy system through the intelligent operation of grid-edge assets
  • Laurent Guise
    Laurent Guise
    Standardization Director, Schneider Electric & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 17
  • Frances Cleveland
    Frances Cleveland
    President of Xanthus Consulting International & Convenor, IEC TC 57 WG 15
09:40Open-Source IEC 61850: Leveraging open-source tools to monitor and control DERs over communication networks
10:20Morning refreshments
10:50Hybrid Wind & Storage: Leveraging IEC 61850 and related standards to achieve advanced control, protection and monitoring of integrated wind & storage systems
  • Nicholas Etherden
    Nicholas Etherden
    Senior R&D Engineer, Vattenfall & Convenor, IEC TC 88 JWG 25
11:30Wind Power Ancillary Services: Achieving direct control of distribution-grid-connected wind farms with IEC 61850/61400-25 to provide ancillary services at the TSO level, including congestion and voltage support
12:10Provision of Flexibility with IEC 61850: Developing IEC 61850-7-420 to include modelling of Smart Grid energy services and sector coupling
  • Andrea Schröder
    Andrea Schröder
    Scientific Associate - Department of Plant Engineering, FGH e.V.
14:20Microgrids: Achieving interoperation and coordinated control in diverse microgrid systems
15:40Afternoon refreshments
16:10Battery System Control & Testing: Utilising IEC 61850 MMS to control and test the scalability of battery storage systems
  • Manuel Pitz
    Manuel Pitz
    Real-Time Simulation and HiL, RWTH Aachen E.ON Energy Research Center
16:50Vehicle-to-Grid Services: Implementing plug-and-play vehicle-to-grid charging using IEC 61850 to support a wide range of grid services
17:30Close of seminar