Data-Driven Asset Management to Support Smart Investment Planning and Optimised Lifecycle Management
14-16 May 2019 | London, UK

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Millennium Hotel London Knightsbridge

17 Sloane Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7235 4377

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Welcome to Grid Asset Management 2019

The 1st annual Grid Asset Management 2019 conference took place on 14-16 May 2019, in London. This end-user driven, implementation focused conference provides smart grid asset management professionals with the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of the energy transition with advanced, digital asset management. Leaders and experts from across Europe will gather to benchmark their digitalisation roadmaps and hear practical case studies that demonstrate the use of next-generation technology in optimising investment plans, streamlining asset management processes and closely monitoring asset health.

Please check back later to see the programme for 2020.

Event highlights in 2019 included:
  • Case-study driven conference programme – attendees gained in-depth insights into digital asset management implementation strategies of pioneering European utilities and saw how new technologies and use-cases are being introduced to improve decision-making and efficiency
  • Digital Twin tutorial – through an extended tutorial at the end of conference day three, attendees gained the necessary knowledge to prepare PoCs, test tools, and integrate them into the network environment
  • Technology innovation panel discussions – attendees took the opportunity to quiz leading asset performance management suppliers on the strength of their solutions and suitability for integration into the smart-utility environment
  • Roundtable breakout sessions – attendees chose from a selection of intimate roundtables, each one targeted at a key theme from the opening day’s discussion, to delve even deeper into the most specific issues impacting your organisation
  • Networking evening reception – after a full day of in-depth presentations and panel discussions, attendees met with colleagues from across the European smart grid asset management community to reflect on new ideas and opportunities for collaboration
  • Exhibition area displaying 10+ suppliers – attendees in 2019 got up to speed with the latest asset management solutions and services, discussed their specific challenges and received tailored advice to help propel their asset management and monitoring strategy to the next level
  • Live demo labs of the latest tools and technologies – through a dedicated 1:1 session, attendees gained hands-on experience of the most advanced and forward-looking asset management platforms and tools on to the market
CONFERENCE DAY 1Tuesday 14 May 2019
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00Panel: Building the Roadmap – developing an implementation plan that delivers next generation digital asset management capability at minimal cost and disruption to daily operations
  • Christian Schorn
    Christian Schorn
    Director Asset Management & Operations, TransnetBW
  • Joris Soens
    Joris Soens
    Head of Assets & Grid Architecture, Fluvius
  • Emil Welin
    Emil Welin
    Head of Asset Strategy Planning, Vattenfall
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Drivers for Digital Asset Management – evaluating the drive for next-generation asset management to support the energy transition and manage rising lifecycle costs
  • Manuel Sanchez Diaz de la Campa
    Manuel Sanchez Diaz de la Campa
    General Director - Infrastructures (CEO Distribution), Viesgo
  • Alfonso Abella
    Alfonso Abella
    Asset Management 4.0 Global Topic Leader, Boston Consulting Group
  • Santiago Gallego
    Santiago Gallego
    Asset Management 4.0 Global Expert, Boston Consulting Group
11:45Change Management – empowering teams to adopt new asset management processes and practices to ensure long term departmental success in a data-driven environment
  • Erica Niemi
    Erica Niemi
    Head of Asset Management Strategy and Support, Svenska Kraftnät
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00Strategic Investment Planning – developing advanced simulations to model a vast range of future scenarios and prioritize interventions based on risk
14:45Quantitative Risk Management - establishing a data-driven framework that ensures accurate risk assessment and robust financial planning
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Power Grids Asset Management & Advanced Diagnostics – extended and comprehensive condition assessment and management of electrical systems to improve reliability and optimize performance and lifecycles
16:45Smart Asset Operations - leveraging digital technology to optimise workforce management and centralisze field expertise
  • David Šafář - E.ON Česká Republika - Grid Asset Management 2019
    David Šafář
    Head of Grid Management and Strategic Projects, E.ON Česká Republika
17:30Roundtable discussions
19:00Networking drinks
21:00End of conference day one
CONFERENCE DAY 2Wednesday 15 May 2019
08:15Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Asset Information Management – embedding a best-in-class data management framework that supports the delivery of actionable insight from high volumes of complex and unstructured data
09:45Open-source Systems – developing in-house capability to leverage open-source tools and systems and deliver highly customized asset management solutions
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Technology Innovation Panel – exploring cutting-edge asset performance management tools and systems to deliver comprehensive advanced asset analytics
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking reception
14:00IoT Sensors for Distribution Networks – evaluating the techno-economic feasibility of IoT sensor networks to deliver affordable, comprehensive distribution network condition-monitoring
14:45Visualizing LV Asset Health – accurately calculating the health of LV assets and visualizing the results in GIS to deliver improved network reliability and optimized CAPEX and OPEX
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Flexible Connections – dynamically managing distributed energy resources to optimize reinforcement costs and reduce network congestion
16:45Demand Response – accurately quantifying the future impact of demand side management to inform smarter investment planning
  • Uros Kerin - ELES - Grid Asset Management 2019
    Uroš Kerin
    Senior Expert Advisor – Asset Management, ELES
  • Miha Grabner - Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute - Grid Asset Management 2019
    Miha Grabner
    Data Scientist, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute
17:30End of conference day two
CONFERENCE DAY 3 Thursday 16 May 2019
08:15Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Scaling Predictive Maintenance – building a scalable, state-of-the-art platform for the justification and validation of predictive maintenance business cases to ensure the rapid adoption of data-driven asset management techniques
09:45AMI & LV Networks - leveraging the deployment of grid-edge sensors to derive granular insights into low-voltage network operation
  • Slawomir Noske - ENERGA-OPERATOR - Grid Asset Management 2019
    Slawomir Noske
    Director of Innovation Department, ENERGA-OPERATOR
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Advanced Cable Management – establishing an advanced framework for the management of underground cables to optimize replacement strategy and improve network reliability
11:45IoT Cybersecurity - managing IoT cybersecurity to minimize disruption and objection to roll-out of sensor networks
  • Speaker to be confirmed
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00UAVs & Overhead Assets - leveraging airborne LIDAR mapping and machine vision to inspect overhead assets and create accurate 3D maps of network infrastructure
14:45Augmented Reality - leveraging next-generation AR technology to deliver centralized expertise to field technicians and improve maintenance outcomes across the network
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00Digital Twin Tutorial – developing a state-of-the-art platform of integrated systems that supports advanced Enterprise Asset Management with an accurate single source of truth
17:30End of conference