Integrating GIS insights across your organisation and embedding Next-Generation GIS in the centre of your data management strategy
25 November 2020 | Virtual Conference


GIS4SmartGrid 2020 Wednesday 25 November 2020 Download
08:00Participant login, objective setting, meeting scheduling, poll participation
08:20Welcome Address
08:30Next-Gen GIS Drivers and Stakeholders – utilising a comprehensive asset register and advanced geospatial data to derive greater grid insights through innovative analytics
09:00Raising the profile of GIS – raising organisational awareness of the benefits of GIS to facilitate integration and input GIS data into decision making across grid operations
  • Barbara Blöser, Senior Conusltant Stratergy & Geodata – Mainer Stadtwerke AG
    Barbara Blöser
    Senior Consultant Strategy & Geodata , Mainzer Netze GmbH
09:30GIS System Integration – developing a robust integration plan for assimilating GIS with data-based grid systems to provide geospatial data within asset management and customer service processes
10:00GIS & Enterprise Critical Systems – integration of next-gen geospatial data into enterprise critical systems to achieve greater grid stability
10:30Q&A Panel Session
10:45Morning Break, Networking, Exhibition
11:00GIS for Field Operations – providing field crews with real-time GIS data in order to better support immediate actionable insights
11:30GIS for Network Management – utilising next-gen geospatial data to improve forecasting of network flexibility and capacity
12:00GIS within IT Strategy – building an adaptable GIS to ensure long term compatibility with evolving IT architecture
12:30GIS & Data Quality – assuring sufficiently high quality data to enable the advanced data analytics that next-gen GIS provides
  • Denis Duh, Deputy Head of Development and Planning – Elektro Maribor
    Denis Duh
    Deputy Head of Development and Planning, Elektro Maribor
13:00Q&A Panel Session
13:15Lunch, Exhibition, Networking
14:00GIS Cybersecurity – minimising risk of theft of sensitive data through the GIS to ensure a safe and secure network
14:30GIS within Enterprise Architecture – integrating next-gen GIS into software and processes across the organisation to support digital transformation and data-based decision making
  • Dr. Sophie Crommelinck, IT Business Analyst for Geospatial Systems – Netze BW
    Dr. Sophie Crommelinck
    IT Business Analyst for Geospatial Systems, Netze BW
15:00GIS and AI – a use-case driven solution towards automated powerline inspection
  • Mario Gnädig
    Mario Gnädig
    Engineer for Intelligent Electrical Networks, Netze BW
15:30GIS for Outage Management and Load Forecasting – utilising GIS data insights to reduce network downtime and predict and prevent future incidents
  • Matt Piper - Esri
    Matt Piper
    Global Director Industry Solutions: Utilities, Water, AEC & Infrastructure , ESRI
16:00Q&A Panel Session
16:15Afternoon Break, Exhibition, Networking
16:30Technology Innovation - assessing, selecting and upgrading GIS systems with minimal business disruption
17:15Q&A Panel Session
17:30Roundtable Discussions
18:30Roundtable Feedback
19:00Closing Remarks