Integrating Advanced Geographical Information Systems into Digital Utility Infrastructure
| Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Conference Day One Tuesday 24 September 2019 Download
08:00 Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00Next-Generation GIS Drivers – exploring the impact of business and smart grid transformation on the development of robust, multi-functional GIS capabilities
09:45GIS for Digital Transformation – defining and implementing robust IT architecture incorporating increasingly advanced digitalised GIS
  • Stephane Otjacques
    Stephane Otjacques
    Transformation Manager and Head of Data & Information, Elia
  • Rob Vangeneugden
    Rob Vangeneugden
    Business Analyst, GIS, Data, and New Technology, Elia
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Panel: Next-Generation GIS Strategy – taking a data-centric approach to support development, resilience, and automation in the smart grid
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00GIS across the Intelligent Enterprise – Employing a location-centric approach to geospatially enable a utility’s entire organization.
  • Matt Piper - Esri
    Matt Piper
    Global Director Industry Solutions: Utilities, Water, AEC & Infrastructure , Esri
14:45Utility Network Model – establishing a bespoke network model developed specifically for electric utilities to maximise interoperability with cutting-edge vendor tools
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00GIS for Asset Management – leveraging next-generation GIS systems to streamline asset management and field operations
16:45GIS Specification & Implementation – rolling-out next-generation GIS to deliver improved functionality and better integration with existing systems
17:30Roundtable discussions
19:00Networking drinks
21:00End of conference day one
Conference Day Two Wednesday 25 September 2019 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00GIS System Integration – connecting a number of new and legacy systems to provide geospatial data and context to multiple utility business processes
09:45GIS & Smart Grids – Implementing modern GIS infrastructure to drive critical smart grid business processes
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Technology Innovation Panel – exploring innovations at the cutting edge of GIS tools, specifically designed to support smart utilities
  • Jaime Sanchez - Carto
    Jaime Sanchez
    Head of Solutions Engineering EMEA, Carto
  • Jennifer Reeves GE
    Jennifer Reeves
    Digital Product Manager - Geospatial Asset Management, GE Power
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking reception
14:00Space Technology – leveraging space technology to enhance operations and maintenance and support the development of the smart grid
  • Davide Coppola
    Davide Coppola
    Business Developer, Project Manager, European Space Agency
14:45 GIS Application Development – enhancing the functionality of your GIS System of Engagement to extend modular support to a plethora of end-users
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00 GIS Governance – developing a business data model that provides effective GIS data governance across a range of business applications
16:45External GIS Data Extraction – automating the process for exporting GIS data for customers to quickly facilitate engineering activities local to underground cables
  • Thierry Bussien
    Thierry Bussien
    IT System Integration & Governance, Romande Energie
17:30End of conference day two
Conference Day Three Thursday 26 September 2019 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00Open-Source GIS Implementation – examining practical examples of the application of open-source GIS tools in real-world scenarios
09:45GIS for Asset Life-Cycle Optimization – maximising the potential of GIS to simplify asset lifecycle processes
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00GIS for Outage Management – analysing real-time and historic, GIS and OMS data to pinpoint network faults, reduce downtime and predict further incidents
11:45GIS for Field Operations – improving management of field activity and providing better support to field crews to maximise available engineering resources
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00GIS for Distributed Energy Resources – incorporating DERs into your GIS data model to support their integration into the grid
14:45GIS Cybersecurity – Minimising GIS cybersecurity risk to deliver safe and secure third-party access to enterprise systems
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Tutorial: System Integration
17:30End of conference