Next-Generation Geographic Information Systems to Support Smarter Grid Applications
20-22 November 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Venue & Accommodation

Radisson Blu Palace Hotel
Picképlein 8
2202 CL Noordwijk aan Zee
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)71 365 3016

To book a room at the conference venue at the preferential rate reserved for participants at this conference contact the hotel directly quoting: GIS4SmartGrid

Welcome to GIS4SmartGrid 2018

As the smart grid evolves GIS departments are under increasing pressure to provide accurate, real-time and meaningful topological information to a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Current GIS systems must be overhauled and upgraded to provide the advanced functionality required to support a wider range of use cases and a more complex grid environment.

This 3-day implementation focused conference draws together 120+ GIS implementation leaders and system specialists from across the European smart grid sector for 3 intensive days of case study reviews. 14+ smart utilities share their experiences and insights into implementing next-generation GIS solutions, integrating them with their IT and OT systems, and providing new functionalities and support for a wide range of end users throughout the smart utility organisation.

Technology choices, implementation experiences and future road maps will be discussed in the context of organisational objectives and regulatory pressures, providing you with a robust toolkit for benchmarking your own GIS strategy, fine-tuning your own implementation plans, and driving your GIS department to its next level of success.

Event highlights include:

  • Case study programme
  • Utility driven speaker line-up
  • Technology innovation panel
  • Opensource tutorial
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Networking evening reception
CONFERENCE DAY ONETuesday 20 November 2018
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Chair’s opening remarks
09:00Panel Session: Putting GIS at the Heart of the Smart Grid – establishing frameworks to enable collaboration between GIS teams and the wider organisation to facilitate operational transformation
10:30Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:00GIS Roadmap for Smart Grid – understanding Smart Grid developments and identifying their implications for the functional requirements of utilities’ GIS
11:45Implementing Next-Generation GIS – integrating robust and flexible advanced GIS systems to provide a full suite of functionalities and meet the demands of a diverse range of end users
  • Speaker to be confirmed
12:30Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:00GIS Data Quality and Validation – improving processes for improving lower quality data and developing systems to validate it
14:45GIS System Integration – connecting multiple systems with diverse data models to allow broader combinations of data and deepen network insights
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00NIS System Implementation – utilising a comprehensive network model to support a more holistic view of grid behaviour and operations
16:45Leveraging CIM – identifying the critical point at which implementing CIM will deliver real value in sharing data across internal systems and with external market participants
  • Ingrid den Uijl
    Teamleader Asset Information System, Data Scientist, Stedin
17:30Roundtable discussions
19:00Networking Reception
21:00End of day one
CONFERENCE DAY TWOWednesday 21 November 2018
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00Developing New Functionality – exploiting a combination of in-built tools, vendor-supported applications, and self-configured modules to deliver a fully customised GIS
09:45GIS Visualisation Tools – creating user-friendly visualisations and tools for a variety of end users to provide advanced network insights with complete geographic and topological context
  • Speaker to be confirmed
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00Technology Innovation Panel – exploring innovations at the cutting edge of GIS tools, specifically designed to support smart utilities
12:30Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:00Low-Voltage Topology and Control – integrating GIS with SCADA systems to develop full grid awareness and automate LV-network control
14:45Self-Service Mapping – simplifying GIS access and building competences for the generation of useful maps to support multiple end users through a variety of applications
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00GIS for Network Planning – combining load and consumption data with predictive analytics to support the planning of grid reinforcement, upgrades, and expansion within the GIS system
  • Roy Gys
    Senior Consultant, Data Analytics and Asset Management Excellence, Deloitte
16:45GIS Data Quality & Completeness – improving processes for collecting high quality data from field engineering work and inputting information about the physical world into the GIS
17:30End of day two
CONFERENCE DAY THREE Thursday 22 November 2018
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
09:00GIS for New Connections – extracting and combining data from multiple sources including specific geospatial and customer information to automate responses to new-connection requests
09:45Vegetation Management – building a centralised data set in covering the entire vegetation management process and making it accessible to all relevant parties within your GIS
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00GIS for Outage Management – analysing real-time and historic, GIS and OMS data to pinpoint network faults, reduce downtime, and predict future incidents
11:45GIS for Field Force Management – better overseeing and supporting field forces to optimise deployment and supply tools to help carry out engineering tasks more efficiently
  • Speaker to be confirmed
12:30Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:003D GIS – exploring the next generation of three-dimensional geospatial tools to improve user interface and provide a greater depth of visualisations
  • Speaker to be confirmed
14:45GIS in the Cloud – comparing the benefits and drawbacks of migrating GIS data and/or software to the cloud and overcoming challenges associated with security and cost
15:30Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:00Tutorial: Open Source GIS (QGIS) – comparing open-source GIS clients with proprietary applications, considering cost, user support, flexibility, and security
17:30Closing remarks from the chair and end of conference