Advanced IDS Implementation to Futureproof Smart Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
29-31 January 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Welcome to Energy Intrusion Detection 2019

The 1st annual Energy Intrusion Detection 2019 takes place 29-31 January 2019 in Amsterdam. This end-user driven, implementation focused conference draws together 60+ cybersecurity specialists from electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution operators across Europe to discuss the evaluation, procurement, and implementation of these crucial monitoring systems.

This event follows the recent adoption of the NIS directive, which mandates increased cybersecurity development – particularly for operators of critical infrastructure. The three-day programme, put together following extensive research with 30+ European electric utilities, provides a clear roadmap for DSOs, TSOs, and Generators to upgrade the security of their OT environments and support compliance with the new regulations. The event will feature technical case studies covering issues including the specification of IDS functionality, implementation and configuration in specific utility architectures and ecosystems, development of the SOC, and organisational transformation to meet the demands of OT/IT convergence.

Event highlights include:

  • Case-study driven conference programme
  • IDS Solution Testing tutorial
  • Technology innovation panel discussions
  • Roundtable breakout sessions
  • Networking evening reception
  • Exhibition area displaying 10+ suppliers
  • Live demo labs of the latest tools and technologies
CONFERENCE DAY 1 Tuesday 29 January 2019
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Opening address from the chair
  • Yugo Neumorni
    Yugo Neumorni
    Board Member and Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council, EuroCIO Association
09:00Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) Roadmap – making IDS a key pillar of your OT cybersecurity strategy to maximise return on investment as security demands evolve in tandem with the Smart Grid
  • Yugo Neumorni
    Yugo Neumorni
    Board Member and Chairman of the Cybersecurity Council, EuroCIO Association
09:45Organisational Alignment Panel – ensuring collaboration and cooperation between relevant business units to implement your IDS solutions holistically and maximise their benefits
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00IDS Implementation and Integration – optimising IDS deployment to maximise effectiveness while minimising both investment and potential disruption to critical network operations
11:45Cyber Impact Assessment – evaluating methods to quantify the business impact of industrial cyber threats and effectively mitigate them
  • Tomer Ben-Shalom
    Tomer Ben-Shalom
    Business Director, EMEA, Claroty
  • Eduardo Di Monte
    Eduardo Di Monte
    CEO, Oylo
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00IDS Procurement – designing a thorough and efficient procurement process assessing multiple vendors to select the best solutions and partners for your business
14:45Standards Development – supporting the development and adoption of communications protocols to improve the security and interoperability of network systems and devices across the grid
  • Mark Ossel
    Mark Ossel
    Vice President, Networked Energy Services Corporation & Board Member Member, OSGP
15:30Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:00OT Vulnerability Testing – performing vulnerability tests on OT devices to stress-test the security of your network and address weaknesses
16:45Roundtable discussions
18:15Networking drinks
19:30End of conference day one
CONFERENCE DAY 2Wednesday 30 January 2019
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
  • Bas Kruimer
    Bas Kruimer
    OT Control System Cybersecurity in Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Chemicals, Accenture
09:00IDS Functionality – understanding the core functionalities of next-generation IDS and examining the different techniques that underpin these
09:45Risk-Based Threat Detection – identifying and fully evaluating typical cybersecurity risks to utility OT networks and developing fully managed solutions
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00Technology Innovation Panel - exploring cutting edge IDS tools and solutions, specifically for the implementation in the utility environment
  • Elisa Costante
    Elisa Costante
    Senior Director, Industrial and OT Technology Innovation, ForeScout Technologies
  • Justas Zaborovskis - Darktrace Industrial
    Justas Zaborovskis
    ICS Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace Industrial
  • Johan Straten
    Johan Straten
    Regional Director, Northern Europe, Cyberbit
  • Tomer Ben-Shalom
    Tomer Ben-Shalom
    Business Director, EMEA, Claroty
12:35Technology Innovation Case Study - studying the lessons learnt and challenges faced in the deployment of IDS to the utility OT environment
13:00Lunch, exhibition and networking reception
14:30Active Monitoring Use Case – increasing the active components of your monitoring capabilities to enable more centralised and efficient IDS deployments
15:15Improved Situational Awareness – incorporating monitoring and analysis of the network’s cyberphysical performance to improve anomaly detection and support traditional tools
  • Deeph Chana
    Deeph Chana
    Deputy Director, Institute of Cyber Security & Technology, Imperial College London
16:00Afternoon refreshments, exhibition and networking
16:30Information Sharing and Analysis – fostering trust and facilitating information exchange between electric utilities to improve the resilience of the grid to cyber attacks
  • Gisele Widdershoven
    Gisele Widdershoven
    Boardmember, EE-ISAC (Managing Director – Accenture Global Cybersecurity),
17:15SOC Development for IDS – exploring approaches to embedding IDS into a variety of SOC frameworks to ensure full preparedness for timely and constructive responses to anomalies
18:00End of conference day two
CONFERENCE DAY 3Thursday 31 January 2019
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00IDS for Communications Networks – monitoring utility telecoms networks to detect threats originating from increasingly vulnerable field locations
09:45Vulnerability Assessment – establishing a highly mature vulnerability assessment, mapping technical and business risks, to achieve a focused prioritisation of identified vulnerabilities
10:30Morning refreshments, exhibition and networking
11:00SCADA and Substation Implementation – examining examples and use cases of IDS within various utility environments and optimising deployment in each case
11:45Space and Cybersecurity – examining the potential of space technology to enhance smart grid cybersecurity and intrusion detection capabilities
  • Laurence Duquerroy
    Laurence Duquerroy
    Applications and Telecommunications Project Manager, European Space Agency
12:30Lunch, exhibition and networking
14:00Solution Testing Tutorial Panel – rigorously testing vendors’ IDS tools against a broad range of criteria to ensure they meet key functional requirements, integrate well into your existing architecture, and remain robust in a changing landscape
  • Roee Schreiber
    Roee Schreiber
    Principal Director, Security, Accenture Security
  • Dani Grabois
    Dani Grabois
    Security Senior Principal, Accenture Security
  • Bas Kruimer
    Bas Kruimer
    OT Control System Cybersecurity in Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Chemicals, Accenture
16:00End of conference