Driving energy flexibility through industry alignment, large-scale DER integration, and smart system operation
14-16 May 2019 | London, UK

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The venue for DER-SmartGrid Integration is currently being finalised. Please check back in February 2019 for full venue details and how you can book bedrooms at the preferential rate reserved for participants of this conference.

Welcome to DER-SmartGrid Integration 2019

The first DER-SmartGrid Integration conference takes place 14-16 May 2019, in London, UK. Drawing together specialists in distributed energy, this utility-driven conference focusses on the strategic, commercial, and technical issues surrounding the integration of DERs into the electricity system.

The utility-driven, case-study led conference programme also includes a series of start-up lighting pitches, a technology-innovation panel, a series of end-user driven round table discussions, a live demo lab of the latest vendor tools, an exhibition area displaying state of the art DER technologies, and a networking evening reception open to all participants.

Event highlights include:

  • Case-study driven conference programme
  • Technology-innovation panel discussions
  • Roundtable breakout sessions
  • Networking evening reception
  • Exhibition area displaying 10+ suppliers
  • Start-up showcase
  • Live demo labs of the latest tools and technologies
CONFERENCE DAY 1Tuesday 14 May 2019
08:30Registration and Refreshments
09:15Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • Chair to be confirmed
09:30Distributed Energy Vision – evaluating how energy industry players must align to move towards a sustainable and resilient future energy system built on decentral energy resources
10:10Industry Roadmap for DERs – developing a practical strategy for mass DER uptake through effective support for a diverse range of energy market actors
  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez
    Head of Technology Portfolio and Sustainable Project Development, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks
10:50Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:20New Business Models – exploring the business case for traditional energy players to incorporate DERs and improve flexibility as the energy system transitions
  • Annemie Ress
    Annemie Ress
    Managing Director, UK, innogy Innovation Hub
  • Bart White
    Bart White
    Executive Director, Infrastructure & Utilities Debt Advisory, Santander
  • Toby Ferenczi
    Toby Ferenczi
    Director of Strategy, OVO Energy
13:00Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:30DNO to DSO Transition – successfully executing your roadmap to implement the systems and processes required to effectively operate a decentralised energy system
  • Sotiris Georgiopoulos
    Sotiris Georgiopoulos
    Head of Smart Grid Development, UK Power Networks
15:10Influencing Distributed Energy Regulation – clarifying the EU and country level regulation required to incentivise and guide DER innovation and integration
15:50Afternoon refreshments, networking, and exhibition
16:20Frameworks for Market Access – developing and administering new frameworks for DER access to drive competition in wholesale and capacity markets
  • Colm Murphy
    Colm Murphy
    Head of Electricity Market Change Delivery, National Grid ESO
17:00Energy System Data Exchange – fully enabling the necessary flow of data and information between energy players to optimise the integration of DERs
17:40Roundtable Discussions
19:00Networking reception
20:30End of conference day one
CONFERENCE DAY 2Wednesday 15 May 2019
08:30Registration and Refreshments
09:00Chair’s Opening Remarks
09:15LV Network Connections – employing data driven approaches to increase the visibility and capacity for DER connections in the low-voltage network
  • Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Assistant Director, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialisation Program, Enedis
10:00TSO-DSO Interface – developing a reactive power market for DERs to support high volumes of renewable uptake and manage voltage support
  • Dr. Rita Shaw
    Dr. Rita Shaw
    Project Lead TDI 2.0 (Power Potential), UK Power Networks
  • Biljana Stojkovska
    Biljana Stojkovska
    Power Potential Project Lead, National Grid ESO
10:45Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:15Technology Innovation Panel: DERMs – investigating cutting-edge vendor systems and tools for the successful operation of smart, DER-integrated grid
  • Scott Koehler
    Scott Koehler
    VP Global Strategy - Smart Grid IT, Schneider Electric
  • Colin Mackenzie
    Colin Mackenzie
    Business Development Manager, DERMS , ABB Power
12:45Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:15Standards for DER Connection – implementing comprehensive and interoperable standards to help futureproof investment in vendor platforms and allow smooth integration with existing systems
15:00Grid Planning for DERs – optimising grid planning and investment strategy to meet the demands of a more complex and distributed generation and demand landscape
15:45Afternoon refreshments, networking, and exhibition
16:15DER Load Forecasting – leveraging advanced analytical tools capable of processing distributed generation and demand patterns to ensure reliable network performance
  • Jean-Pierre Hollevoet
    Jean-Pierre Hollevoet
    Director of Network and Asset Management , Fluvius
17:00Active System Management – developing the capabilities and processes to more actively manage energy generation and load resources
  • Speaker to be confirmed
17:45End of conference day two
CONFERENCE DAY 3Thursday 16 May 2019
08:30Registration and Refreshments
09:00Chair’s Opening Remarks
  • Frank Jacobs
    Frank Jacobs
    Senior Principal Transmission & Distribution, Accenture
09:15EV Charging – preparing the energy system for the mass uptake of EVs and exploring their potential as a flexible asset in the form of Vehicle to Grid response
10:00Virtual Power Plants – demonstrating how aggregators can provide a route to market for smaller DERs and support the grid with flexible generation and demand response
  • Martin Daronnat
    Martin Daronnat
    Operations and Delivery Manager, Global Domain Flexibility, E.ON
10:45Morning refreshments, networking, and exhibition
11:15Start-up Hub
12:45Lunch, networking, and exhibition
14:00Embedded Microgrids – examining the requirements for local electricity generators and loads to operate as microgrids both connected to and independently of the traditional grid
14:45Blockchain – investigating the true potential for blockchains and distributed ledgers to underpin a wide variety of mechanisms crucial to a decentralised energy system
15:30End of conference