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Demonstrating the full value of CIM to secure investment and speed up wide-scale implementation
21-23 January 2020 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Conference Day 3 Thursday 23 January 2020 Download
08:00Registration and refreshments
08:45Welcome back from the chair
09:00CIM Interoperability – interpreting CIM attributes effectively to ensure ease of system integration for both customised and off-the-shelf systems utilising different versions of CIM
  • Alan McMorran
    Alan McMorran
    Director, Open Grid Systems Member, IEC TC 57 WGs 13, 14 and 16
09:45Data Formatting & Management – standardising the structures and processes for receiving high volumes of data from multiple sources across a complex grid architecture to support full CIM implementation
10:30Morning refreshments, networking and exhibition
11:00CIM Supplier Relationship Management – effectively collaborating with suppliers to leverage their technical expertise, meet end-user needs, and speed up the implementation of CIM across the grid
11:45Testing of CIM – examining how new testing tools are being developed to optimise the time and cost of fully implementing CIM
  • Chavdar Ivanov
    Chavdar Ivanov
    Power System Analysis Engineer, TenneT Co-Convenor of Group for CGMES, ENTSO-E
12:30Lunch, networking and exhibition
14:00Applying ESBs with CIM - implementing Enterprise Service Bus solutions to exchange CIM-based data and support business applications for asset management
14:45CIM & IEC 61850 Harmonisation – achieving CIM integration with a variety of protocols to support the ease of information flow across all grid domains
  • Tom Berry
    Tom Berry
    Product Offer Architect , Schneider Electric Member, IEC TC 57 WGs 13 and 14
  • Julien Keller - RTE
    Julien Keller
    IS Project Manager, RTE Member, IEC TC 57 WG 14
15:30IEC-CIM and the Energy transition – effectively integrating IEC-CIM with other information standards to ensure complete compliance
16:15Afternoon refreshments, networking and exhibition
16:45Tutorial Part 1: Advanced Open Source Simulation Modelling to Support Full CIM Implementation
  • Lukas Razik
    Lukas Razik
    Research Associate, E.ON Energy Research Centre (RWTH Aachen University)
  • Jan Dinkelbach
    Jan Dinkelbach
    Research Associate, E.ON Energy Research Centre (RWTH Aachen University)
17:30Tutorial Part 2: Applying CIM to support real life applications
  • Sebastian Wende Von-Berg
    Sebastian Wende Von-Berg
    Group Leader IT-Systems Grid Operation, IEE Franhoufer
18:15End of day three