VIRTUAL EVENT: Implementing AI&ML platforms and processes to enable the rapid scale-up of advanced smart grid analytics use-cases
9 September 2020 | Virtual Conference


AI&ML for the Smart Grid 2020 Wednesday 9 September 2020 Download
08:00Participant login, objective setting, meeting scheduling, poll participation
08:20Welcome Address
08:30Gaining Trust for AI&ML - developing a considered and robust plan to show the potency of advanced analytical software and its capability to deliver reliable outputs, removing trust issues and demystifying the output process
09:00Data Science Team Structure - defining and building the optimal work environment for data science teams within utility workforces
  • Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Jean-Philippe Poirrier
    Assistant Director, Smart Grid Solutions Industrialisation Program, Enedis
09:30Data Lakes - combining AI&ML with data lakes to achieve more advanced insights and unlock greater application potential through novel use cases
10:00In-House vs External AI&ML Platforms - determining whether to invest in in-house or cloud-based platforms to meet immediate and long-term analytics objectives
  • Yamshid Farhat Quiñones
    Yamshid Farhat Quiñones
    Data Scientist Grid Analytics, BKW Energie
10:30Q&A Panel Session
10:45Morning Break, Exhibition, Networking
11:00Machine Learning - assessing the potential of machine learning and building out experimental applications to aid carbon reduction initiatives that stimulate the development of smart cities
11:30Real Time Sensor Data - determining the most feasible framework for infrastructure, algorithm and capability development to enable enhanced insights from the processing of high-volume real-time sensor data from the grid
  • Tadej Sinkovec – Deputy of Executive Director for Network Operations and Development – Elektro Ljubljana
    Tadej Sinkovec
    Deputy of Executive Director for Network Operations and Development, Elektro Ljubljana
  • Senior Representative
    Maja Savinek
    Analytics Consultant, Elektro Ljubljana
12:00Smart Meter Data - leveraging smart meter data to model future consumption patterns and prepare for an exponential rise in electricity demand
12:30Predictive Maintenance - applying AI&ML to transform high volumes of sensor data into clear and effective predictive maintenance actions
  • Remko Logemann - Data Scientist - TenneT
    Remko Logemann
    Data Scientist, Tennet
13:00Q&A Panel Session
13:15Lunch, Exhibition, Networking
14:00Autonomous Operational Forecasting - leveraging AI-powered, short-term forecasting to enable autonomous local balancing of the grid while maintaining quality of data, models and results under operational conditions
14:30Predictive Analytics - improving the daily forecasting for the medium-voltage electric grid for better load balancing
15:00Fraud Prevention - utilising the advanced data processing capabilities of AI to detect electricity theft and protect revenue by gaining greater oversight at the grid edge
15:30Open Innovation – developing robust methodologies for creating the optimal open innovation environment to facilitate AI&ML solutions that will solve your specific grid challenges
  • Robert Belcher
    Robert Belcher
    Senior Decision Scientist, UK Power Networks
  • Harshil Sumaria
    Harshil Sumaria
    Power Systems and Data Analytics Engineer, UK Power Networks
16:00Q&A Panel Session
16:15Afternoon Break, Virtual Exhibition, and Networking
16:30Technology Innovation
16:45Technology Innovation
17:00Technology Innovation: Scaling Up AI&ML - establishing a strategic framework, developing dedicated platforms and processes and optimising your data science team capabilities to deliver many more AI&ML use-cases
17:15Q&A Panel Session
17:30Roundtable Discussions
18:30Roundtable Feedback
19:00Closing Remarks