Providing the roadmap for achieving 100% smart meter coverage, fostering standardisation in the industry and scaling up your AMI related data analytics
24 February 2021 | Virtual Conference


Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2021 Wednesday 24 February 2021 Download
08:00Participant login, objective setting, meeting scheduling, poll participation
08:15Welcome Address
  • Mandana White
    Mandana White
    CEO, Smart Grid Forums
  • Richard Hanks
    Richard Hanks
    Principle Director: Smart Metering Lead, Accenture
08:30Establishing the Business Case – determining the key drivers for investing in next generation AMI systems to support the migration to demand side management and speed up the energy transition
09:00Lifecycle Management – unlocking the value of your installed smart meters and integrating interoperable next generation meters to ensure the cost-efficiency of your evolving meter infrastructure
09:30Q&A Session
09:40Standardisation Panel – establishing a working group represented by the whole ecosystem and dedicated to driving the development of standards for next generation AMI systems
10:40Morning Break, Exhibition, Networking
11:00AMI System Design – developing a real-time and future proofed system design that meets immediate and longer-term functionality needs at minimal expense
11:30Communication Systems – developing a robust communication network strategy that utilises an optimal mix of technologies to ensure reliability and future-proofed capacity
12:00Meter Data Management Systems – comparing the advantages and disadvantages of internally developed, off-the-shelf and cloud-based head-end systems in supporting the rapidly changing demands of your evolving grid
12:30Forecasting – improving the quality and reliability of smart meter data to provide more accurate consumption models and facilitate demand side management
13:00Q&A Panel Session
13:15Lunch, Exhibition, Networking
14:15Procurement – creating a robust procurement framework that effectively manages a disparate supplier base to ensure long-term accountability, system reliability and risk mitigation
14:45Driving the Roll-Out – planning, organising, and risk mitigating the end-to-end roll out of smart meters to achieve full coverage to stringent regulatory deadlines
15:15Customer Engagement – developing a programme that rapidly educates customers, builds their trust and facilitates easy home access to speed up roll out and ensure 100% coverage by 2024
  • Johan Svensson - Ellevio
    Johan Svensson
    Head of Next Generation Smart Metering Programme, Ellevio
15:45Modular AMI Design – creating a modular AMI system to extend asset life, ensure an effective replacement strategy and create bespoke customer solutions
  • Alan Jones
    Alan Jones
    Manager: Smart Meter Programmes, Pacific Gas and Electricity Company
16:15Q&A Panel Session
16:30Afternoon Break, Exhibition, Networking
16:50Technology Innovation Panel – evaluating next generation AMI systems and components and understanding how these will drive demand side management
  • Frank Schwammberger
    SME, Energy, Environment & Utilities, IBM
  • Francis De Sousa
    Francis D´Souza
    VP of Strategy and Marketing for Analytics & IoT Solutions, Thales
  • Holger Schweinfurth
    Holger Schweinfurth
    Senior Director IBU Utilities, SAP
17:35Q&A Panel Session
17:50Roundtable Discussions
18:55Roundtable Feedback
19:20Closing Remarks
  • Mandana White
    Mandana White
    CEO, Smart Grid Forums
  • Richard Hanks
    Richard Hanks
    Principle Director: Smart Metering Lead, Accenture