Energy Intrusion Detection Conference - Logo
Advanced IDS Implementation to Futureproof Smart Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
29-31 January 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to Energy Intrusion Detection 2019 The 1st annual Energy Intrusion Detection 2019 takes place 29-31 January 2019 in Amsterdam. This end-user driven, implementation focused conference draws together 120+ cybersecurity specialists from electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution operators across Europe to discuss the evaluation, procurement, and implementation of these crucial monitoring systems. This event […]

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SGTech Europe 2019 Conference
Smart Grid Innovation Project Exchange
26-28 March 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to Smart Grid Technical Forum Europe 2019 Drawing together 250+ smart grid technical professionals, and 40+ utility case-studies, this annual gathering is the most intensive, technically in-depth, and lively smart grid project exchange in Europe. There is no other programme that provides the depth and breadth of discussions, networking and new technology scouting opportunities […]

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Grid Asset Management 2019
Data-Driven Asset Management to Support Smart Investment Planning and Optimised Lifecycle Management
14-16 May 2019
London, UK

Welcome to Grid Asset Management 2019 The 1st annual Grid Asset Management 2019 takes place 14-16th May 2019, in London. This end-user driven, implementation focused conference provides smart grid asset management professionals with the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of the energy transition with advanced, digital asset management. Leaders and experts from across Europe […]

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