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Issue 1: Levelling the Playing Field

by Smart Grid Forums on March 2, 2021

Cyberweekly Option 1 3.0

Welcome to the first issue of the CyberAware Weekly newsletter. We are launching this complementary source of power grid cybersecurity information to help raise the cyber-awareness of smart grid technical professionals and level the playing field with the hackers.

When the US government information systems are hacked, we know it is time for us all to tighten up our security, close every digital door into the power grid, and protect our entire ecosystem from the treacherous damage that cyber-criminals can do.

Over the past 10 years Smart Grid Forums has served power grid technical professionals with conferences and seminars that help accelerate their grid digitisation plans. We’ve addressed topics ranging from Digital Substations to Next Generation SCADA Systems, Utility Telecoms to Advanced Metering Infrastructure, IEC 61850 to the Common Information Model, Big Data Analytics to Cybersecurity, and more.

We recognise that the power grid is at a critical juncture! That a hyperconnected grid presents an extensive attack-surface. That cybersecurity teams can no longer fight this rapidly growing and morphing threat landscape alone. We know that levelling the playing field requires cybersecurity to become everyone’s business!

So, whether you work in asset management or engineering, commissioning or operations, cybersecurity is your business. Whether you are focused on substations, control centres, telecom networks or smart metering infrastructure, cybersecurity is your business. Whether you are a power grid operator, a technology supplier or an industry advisor, cybersecurity is your business. And whether you have been working in the power grid for 40 years or for 1 year, cybersecurity is very much your business!

We trust that this weekly newsletter and accompanying webinar series will efficiently filter in the most pertinent cybersecurity news for you. We know that your primary role and responsibility represents a heavy enough workload already. We hope this focused weekly injection of power grid cybersecurity news and views will help you keep abreast of developments in this important and fast developing space, so that you can keep cybersecurity front of mind without too much additional effort.

Please enjoy this week’s selection of news, views and resources below, and feel free to share this newsletter with colleagues in other departments, and peers in other organisations.

Kind Regards,


Mandana White
CEO | Smart Grid Forums


News, Views & Resources

REPORT - The Top 20 Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems

No industrial operation is free of risk, and different industrial enterprises may legitimately have different “appetites” for certain types of risks. Evaluating cyber risk in industrial control system (ICS) networks is difficult, considering their complex nature. This paper was written by Waterfall to assist cyber professionals to understand and communicate the results of such risk assessments to non-technical business decision-makers.

Download the report here!

PRESENTATION – IT&OT Convergence Cybersecurity
Progressing IT OT convergence through new organisational structures that support closer collaboration between IT & OT colleagues to achieve seamless cybersecurity

By Ivo Maritz, CISO at BKW Energie

Download the presentation here!

PRESENTATION - Supply Chain Attacks

Understanding and investigating potential supply chain attacks in IEC 61850 substations

By Marthe Kassouf, Research Engineer at Hydro-Quebec IREQ & Deepa Kundur, Professor & Chair at University of Toronto

Download the presentation here!

INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION - European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Centre

EE-ISAC is an industry-driven, information sharing network of trust. EE-ISAC aims to improve the resilience and security of the European energy infrastructure, by sharing trust-based information and enabling a joint effort for the analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, solutions and opportunities.

For more information visit their website here!

INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION - European Network for Cyber Security

The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is a non-profit member organization supporting to deploy secure European critical energy grids and infrastructure.

For more information visit their website here!


Monthly CyberAware Webinars

Starting Wednesday 28th April 2021 at 16:00 CET, and every last Wednesday of the month thereafter, we will be running 60-min cybersecurity awareness webinars, designed to empower smart grid technical professionals to raise their cyber-awareness and work more effectively with their cybersecurity teams. Topics will include:

  • Power Grid Threat Landscape
  • IT&OT Convergence Cybersecurity
  • Social Engineering
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Supply Chain Attacks
  • Digital Substation Cybersecurity
  • Control Centre Cybersecurity
  • Utility Telecom Cybersecurity
  • Smart Metering Cybersecurity
  • DER Cybersecurity
  • IEC62443 & IEC62531

Watch this space for detailed programme & registration information in the weeks ahead.


Topics: CyberAware