Importance of common information models (CIM) for smart grid operators

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

The adoption of Smart Grids represents a major milestone in modernising the energy grid and facilitating the complete integration of DERs. Nevertheless, the technological aspect of the data exchange between each system component continues to provide considerable challenges. What is the cause of the problem? IEDs are commonly supplied by several vendors, meaning different setups.

Fortunately, the Common Information Model (CIM) offers a suitable basis to ensure interoperability between all technology applications. According to Michael Covarrubias, managing partner at Xtensible the model provides a single semantic framework for information flow between various power system applications.

Its benefits are clear. They allow for faster and smoother data exchange and optimised management between smart grid applications like generators, transformers, and switchgear, among others, without being tied to a single technology.

This approach increases the efficiency of utilities by providing them with faster access to data for analysis and enhanced management capabilities to model the communication channels according to each organisation’s needs.

Previously, this process took significantly longer since each asset would yield data following the vendor’s configuration and utility operators would have to spend time cleaning the data to ensure interoperability.

The integration of renewable energy sources largely depends on achieving complete interoperability, effective communication protocols, and mastering the adoption of new technologies across the grid. Soon enough, utilities will understand that adopting a functional CIM model will play a decisive role in the energy transition journey. If your organisation is facing similar challenges and would like to learn more about IEC CIM, join our 12-week training programme devoted to providing operational knowledge of the model.

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