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Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

As the energy sector shifts towards digital technologies, there is a higher push towards integrating systems that traditionally worked separately like information (IT) and operational (OT) technologies. Companies are used to having separate maintenance and network teams for each function. OT operations are demanding, considering the monumental challenge of connecting to all the assets across the #network. The core of the problem is simple, a significant part of the equipment predates the digital revolution, which makes conducting updates and protection patches very demanding.

Fortunately, manufacturers have been actively developing new solutions, such as TXOne Networks' EdgeFire next-generation firewall. Designed to provide enhanced inline threat defence, it enables network segmentation and segregation into multiple strategic #control zones. One of its primary functionalities, deep packet inspection (DPI), allows the EdgeFire Firewall series to analyse network traffic at a granular level in search of suspicious activities, malicious packets, or potential threats.

The firewall series also includes application control features allowing #IT to monitor and govern the use of industrial applications and protocols. It can reduce the danger of unauthorised access or potential vulnerabilities by imposing rigorous access restrictions that enable only authorised apps and protocols to connect within the network.

In terms of technological performance, the EdgeFire 1012 is impressive given that it can work in temperatures as low as -40 C and as high as 70 C. It also supports a wide range of ICS protocols like Modbus, EtherNet IP, CIP, FINS, S7Comm, and more constantly being added through system updates.

To discover more cutting-edge equipment, visit the exhibition space at SGF-IEC Week 2023. The conference will feature 30 suppliers displaying their latest equipment available to support power operation through the digitisation journey.

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