IEC CIM’s Role Integrating Flexibility Market Players

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

The European power sector is witnessing the rise of flexible market players as a feasible option to support utility in the energy transformation. The upcoming edition of SGF-IEC Week 2023 in October includes a session by Vattenfall's business strategist, Harald Klomp, about how IEC CIM can leverage the #integration of flexible market players into the grid and ensure future #energy security. Data decongestion has the potential to accelerate seamless connectivity.

In the context of developing smarter planning practices and power system operations, the European Union has clearly promoted the involvement of flexible #market actors as part of the philosophy for ensuring citizen participation in the energy market.

How is that related to adopting Common Information Models (CIM)? Demand-side flexibility requires a reliable, fully functional digital infrastructure upon which trusted data exchange channels can be established with market players.

A report released by the European Commission investigates this topic’s landscape in the Union aiming at unveiling how DSOs are pursuing market-based procurement flexibility services. Among its central discoveries, findings point out the fact that local flexibility markets in Europe are in the emerging phase where the potential for long-term contracts is remarkably low, despite the existence of successful short-term counterparts.

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that this approach represents rather a niche practice rather than an extensive practice. Integration with wholesale and balancing markets, and security #coordination between DSOs and TSOs (Transmission System Operators), are ongoing issues. Some governments, however, are making headway towards implementing market-based procurement practices, while others rely on pilot projects or rule-based approaches.

The document emphasises the importance of coordination, harmonisation, and regulatory incentives for the development of local flexibility markets and the efficient integration of flexibility services into the energy system. On the technology dimension, adopting interoperable topologies like IEC CIM represents the most pressing milestone.

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