International Standards and Vendors Move Closer Together.

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

Siemens has recently released an IEC 61850 engineering software solution designed to configure systems based on the IEC 61850 standard. This product represents a significant stride to achieving electronic system resilience through standardisation.

The introduction of #SmartGrids generated a series of questions for energy operators regarding technology applications. Up to that moment, the power grid infrastructure was basically made of analogue technology, and the advent of digitalisation and IoT translated into incorporating multiple intelligent electronic devices (IEC).

Previously, vendors and equipment suppliers controlled technology systems design and applications. This landscape often generated difficulties for utilities to integrate and operate their systems efficiently. The reason? Because it is uncommon for utilities to rely on a single vendor for all of their hardware and software needs, compatibility problems would be frequent.

The initiative of international technology standards tackles the problem to the root. The #IEC61850 standard for substation communication is an example of this, and the recent solution released by #Siemens talks about the paradigm change.

Siemens is adamant about the solutions’ capability to operate beyond their own line of products and emphasises its suitability for devices from other third parties. The universal 61850-oriented solution supports functions and applications like GOOSE communication, client/server configuration via MMS reporting, system topology, process bus communication with SMV, and IEC 60870-5-104 addresses for the gateway to the network control centre via IEC 61850-80-1.

Engineers need to stay ahead and acquire profound operating knowledge about the standards reshaping the sector. At Smart Grid Forums, we have decided to play our part, and thanks to the collaboration with world-leading experts have produced an IEC 61850 12-week online training.

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