IEC technical report designed to improve IEC 61850 efficiency

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

IEC has launched the TR IEC 61850-90-30 report offering Utilities guidelines to specify their #IEC61850 PAC System in a device-agnostic manner, creating a solid foundation for a successful top-down engineering approach using #SCL. This standard is set to revolutionise the implementation of automation and protection strategies by enabling the usage of Basic Application Profiles.

Quoting PAC World article’s author, Jorg Reuter, this approach will “revolutionise the way we implement automation and protection schemes in our IEC 61850 systems”. Summarised, the application’s goal is to improve the efficiency of all systems and applications by leveraging the capabilities of substation configuration language (SCL) files. SCLs provide a more advanced layer supporting the specification-implementation workflow of IEDs.

Functions are taken to a completely new level as they act as a container for logical nodes and have the option of internal subfunction structures. The SCL model is used to describe the functions and data exchange between the various nodes in the system. A group of functions then translates into a precisely defined application for IEDs across the process bus.

TR IEC 61850-90-30 takes PAC systems to a new level by enhancing SCL files into System specification descriptions or #SDD. This type of file focuses more narrowly on individual substation components and their behaviour featuring detailed information like data types, communication protocols, and logical nodes.

A case study performed by Stromnetz Hamburg features a new digital substation using an IEC 61950 SSD file, which includes IEC 61850 naming for power equipment, electrical connections, and allocation of IEC 61850 functions and logical nodes.

At IEC Week 2023, participants will have the opportunity to catch up with the vanguard related to this topic and many others across the digital substation world.

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