EU’s Plan to Consolidate a Continental Collaborative Energy Grid

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

The EU-sponsored initiative OneNet Project released a data exchange and governance document featuring a strategy towards the synergistic operation of the Union’s power utilities. This move responds to the decentralised nature of electrical grids after renewable sources integration through Smart Grids. Key elements revolve around coordinating the design of a Common IT architecture, standardised products and defined parameters to ensure a solid data governance framework.

The main barrier relates to proposing accessible data mechanisms without violating #data ownership and #privacy laws. The architecture’s foundation is provided by the Common Information Model authored by the International Electrotechnical Commission, also known as IEC CIM. It provides canonical data models allowing for cross-sector data exchange models.

The report defines a 3-step path to establish a CIM repository. First, aiming at finding commonalities, collection methods for #business items and CIM profiles are required, including links to use cases. The second step involves the creation of a unified modelling language (UML), followed by managing a repository of data set conformant profiles under the category of instance files.

Another point is that the OneNet project draws its structure from existing literature and proven applications within the EU. From a broader perspective, the data exchange model follows existing architectures such as Smart Grid SGAM by adapting its multiple layers structure. Lastly, another crucial addressed aspect revolves around ensuring secure and trusted data exchange channels.

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