Discover the Control Room of the Future

Posted by Matias Almeida Garzon

by Matias Almeida Garzon

The Electrical Sustainable Power Lab of the Delft University of Technology has developed a project called Control Room of the Future. The idea behind the project is to create a research environment where the entire lifecycle of #energy generation can be safely tested: generation, transmission, and distribution. The project’s director, Alex Stefanov, admits his admiration for the stimulating outcome that the convergence between the digital and physical worlds in the control room can generate.

In essence, the project serves as a testing platform, simulating all present control room features such as asset monitoring, optimisation, fault management, emergency response, data analysis, and more. Several disruptive occurrences can be safely tested, allowing for the development of mitigation methods. The simulation capabilities of the Control Room of the Future go beyond conventional digital twin applications and leverages the potential of #AI for cyber attack detection, as well as reinforcing the defensive strategies to support human operator in real control rooms.

Consolidating similar systems requires a continuous process of updating and implementing the latest standards within the sector. We are thrilled to have Alex Stefanov as a speaker at SGF-IEC Week 2023, where he will enlighten the audience with his expertise in enhancing control centres by leveraging the interwork of IEC 61850 and CIM. This session holds immense value for energy professionals responsible for integrating new distributed energy resources (DER) into the grid and ensuring optimal performance of #controlrooms. Gain valuable insights and clarity in navigating the challenges of grid modernisation.

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