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Common Information Model 2020 Blog

Keep up to date with the latest news regarding the Common Information Model 2020 conference. Registration is now live for CIM 2020, 21-23 January! We are delighted to announce that registration is now live for the premier Common Information Model 2020 conference, exhibition and networking forum. Drawing together 100+ participants to review 14+ CIM implementation case-studies over […]

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NextGen SCADA Global 2020 Blog

Keep up to date with all the news regarding the NextGen SCADA Global 2020 conference. Save the date for NextGen SCADA Global 2020 The energy system is evolving rapidly, taking on a more flexible, decentralised form to support the ever-expanding uptake of renewable energy and DERs. The critical infrastructure that coordinates the energy system, SCADA, […]

IEC 61850 Blog

Top 3 Global IEC 61850 Implementation Priorities

During research for this year’s IEC 61850 Global conference, exhibition and networking forum, we spoke to over 30 smart grid utilities from around the world to find out about the latest challenges and developments in the sector – specifically in terms of IEC 61850 implementation. Here are 3 key focus areas for global utilities in […]

IEC 61850

Revolutionising Maintenance with Advanced IEC 61850 Features

As utilities transition from time-based to predictive maintenance, substation data is a crucial part of assessing network health and effectively directing maintenance activities. There are a range of IEC 61850 features for acquiring and transmitting this data, and this is long been a cornerstone of the 61850 business case. Although traditional substation automation systems do […]

IEC 61850 Blog

4 Exciting Applications of IEC 61850 at the Grid Edge

As the use of IEC 61850 to provide protection, automation and control of substation equipment proliferates across global smart grids, new applications of the standard at the grid edge are becoming an increasingly large focus for innovation teams and R&D departments. Here are a few ways that companies are applying IEC 61850 to monitor, control […]

Digital Substations 2019 Blog

Digital Substations 2019 Blog

Red Eléctrica Case Study for Maintenance Crew Upskilling The conventional view of the grid is rapidly changing. As the grid becomes more complex and dynamic, better knowledge and skills are needed to respond to these changes. With the deployment of digital substations gaining momentum, utilities need to adapt their processes and culture to befit these […]