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Utility Telecoms 2020

See the latest developments with Smart Grid Forum’s Utility Telecoms 2020 event. Registration is Live! Registration is now live for the 3rd annual Utility Telecoms 2020 conference, exhibition and networking forum. This is your opportunity to step back and assess how you can raise the profile of your telecoms department to attract more investment and headcount in […]

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Fundamentals of IEC 61850 2020 Blog

Keep up to date with all the latest developments with Fundamentals of IEC 61850 2020. IEC 61850 Headcount on the Rise Are you in the process of expanding your team of IEC 61850 experts? Are you investigating the possibility of implementing IEC 61850 outside of the substation? Do you have colleagues working in other parts […]

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Predictive Maintenance 2020 Blog

Case Study: Enexis on Machine Learning to Reduce Dig Damage The ability to identify the exact location of underground assets is leading to significant reduction in dig damage, power supply disruption, and unplanned costs. Utilities who are leveraging machine learning algorithms to pinpoint asset location despite incomplete data are going further, faster. Not only able […]

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Common Information Model 2020 Blog

Case Study: SSE Networks – CIM Configuration The creation of a network model which accurately represents each asset is becoming an increasingly complex challenge as the grid evolves. The problem for Heads of Asset Management lies in translating this information from a CIM-compatible system such as GIS to other non CIM-based systems such as Asset […]

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NextGen SCADA Global 2020 Blog

Case Study: Energinet on Modular Design The decentralisation of energy markets globally is necessitating a more decentralised SCADA infrastructure. With the pace of change gaining momentum, this new infrastructure must also be agile and scalable to meet future demands. Many utilities around the world are struggling with the challenges of transitioning away from centralised, isolated […]

IEC 61850 Blog

Top 3 Global IEC 61850 Implementation Priorities

During research for this year’s IEC 61850 Global conference, exhibition and networking forum, we spoke to over 30 smart grid utilities from around the world to find out about the latest challenges and developments in the sector – specifically in terms of IEC 61850 implementation. Here are 3 key focus areas for global utilities in […]