Electricity pylons at dusk

NIS2: A New Cybersecurity Paradigm in Europe

NIS2: Discover Europe's new cybersecurity paradigm and stricter regulations introduced by the NIS 2 directive.

Diagram showing drivers of network automation

Drivers of Next Level Network Automation

Learn about the drivers of network automation in the power grid industry, implementing automated networks and the...

Diagram about ESGRIDs

Enhancing the societal impact of smart grids

Learn how smart grids are reshaping the power industry and their potential societal impacts. roadmaps and the role of...

Complex diagram about digital twins

3 Benefits of Digital Twins

Learn about the benefits of digital twins in the energy industry. Discover how digital twin technology improves...

Illustrations of electronic systems

International Standards and Vendors Move Closer Together.

Siemens releases IEC 61850 engineering software solution to enhance electronic system resilience through...

Engineering efficiency roadmap diagram

IEC technical report designed to improve IEC 61850 efficiency

IEC launches a technical report to enhance IEC 61850 efficiency, revolutionizing automation and protection strategies...

Network diagram about hybrid cloud-edge systems

Hybrid cloud-edge systems to support the digital transformation

Learn how hybrid cloud-edge systems are supporting the digital transformation in the energy sector.

Blockchain network diagram for illustration purposes

AMI Blockchain security

Learn how blockchain technology can enhance the security of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) in the Smart Grid.

IEC 62443's Defence Architecture

IEC 62443's Defence Architecture

Learn about the multi-layered defence architecture of IEC 62443 for industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

EU Flags on flagpoles outside building

The EU takes steps toward Cyber Resilience

Read our blog post outlining the highlights of Sarah Fluchs's article analysing multiple aspects of the proposed...