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Our Beginnings

In support of critical national infrastructure transformation.
The company was founded in 2011 with the sole intention of delivering high quality information to the tech enabled sectors in support of critical national infrastructure transformation.
We were drawn to the energy sector because it touches all of our lives. In big and small ways, every single day, from the moment we rise, our efforts are either enriched by the availability of clean, affordable, reliable electricity or hampered by the lack of it.
We wanted to do our bit to ensure future energy security for all. Our expertise lies in uncovering the crucial conversations that need to be had and creating open, honest and provocative forums that translate intelligent thinking into progressive outcomes that lead to infrastructure transformation.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to help drive clean energy.

We do this by creating high-quality content-rich implementation focused programmes, delivered by the brightest engineering minds, through a rich and impactful event experience.

We create conversations and environments that stimulate change makers to think more deeply and more laterally, to open up fully and express their real-world issues, to challenge the status quo, and be receptive to new partnerships and alliances that have the power to compound efforts and drive the deployment of clean energy at the speed of the digital age.

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Our Ethos

We are strong on delivery.

We put the customer first and work to exceptionally high standards to meet their needs. Whether in formulating our programmes, promoting our events, or delivering them onsite, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards of both creativity and delivery.

We want every touch point with our customers to be purposeful and value driven. We want our participants to leave our forums with exponentially greater insights and an awareness that empowers them to drive their investment decisions and implementation actions with greater ease and confidence.

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Our Invitation

We work with exceptional people.

We create high value peer-to-peer programmes that are immersive, exhaustive, and outcomes focused.

If you are a pioneering technical change maker, passionately driving infrastructure transformation in your organisation, we want to hear from you.

Whether you are working in transmission, distribution, power generation, system integration or technology innovation, we want to explore how together we can get your expertise shared and your message heard in support of driving the global clean energy agenda for all.

Contact us at: registration@smartgrid-forums.com

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