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Case Study: Southern Company

This week we caught up with Eric Easton, Director Real-Time Operations, CenterPoint Energy to get a sneak peek into his presentation on Process Bus Design and focused on optimizing system architectures to ensure cost-effective deployment of digital substations for mission critical applications.

Eric explained: “CenterPoint Energy began investigating the effects of electromagnetic pulses in response to growing awareness of potential damage to substation devices should such an event occur. Using a combination of modelling and empirical testing an EMP resilient module was developed for substation protection and control.  This compact substation module uses IEC 61850 as well as proven electromagnetic mitigation techniques to provide a compact and cost-effective solution for mitigating EMPs within a standardized hardware platform.

Through the process, the challenge of cost versus effectiveness was overcome largely by shifting to a digital substation design.  The use of fibre optic cable greatly reduces concerns associated with coupled energy.  Additionally, the deployed design allows for collection of operational data without any operational risk.  These field trials provide significant insights regarding the efficacy of digital substation designs.  With fully developed solutions for both transmission and distribution applications, next steps will be to roadmap deployment strategies to maximize resiliency for High Impact Low Probability (HILP) events. 

I look forward to sharing additional details related to EMP mitigation strategies, component and system testing as well as implementation costs, at the IEC 61850 USA 2021 virtual event.”

Eric will be one of 12 utility case-studies being presented at IEC 61850 USA 2021. Alongside the case-study agenda, there will be 3 x supplier presentations, 4 x live Q&A sessions, a 90-min roundtable discussion session, and more, all in just one intensive high-value day!

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