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Case Study: Alliander Energy Transition

This week we caught up with Joep Van Genuchten, Data Architect at Alliander, who will be addressing the topic of CIM and the Energy Transition. Joep’s session will help participants better understand the role of CIM in the global transition towards a decentralised grid.

Joep explained: “The energy transition isn’t just about electricity. To address climate change and energy security and reliability, the challenge is to design the energy infrastructure such that it supports the right mix of energy types for the right context. This means different solutions in different places: what energy sources are available? What are the energy requirements for the people and industry in the region? What is the right mix of electricity, natural/biogas, hydrogen and storage of these different types of energy? And how do these systems interact?

We all know the challenges of defining a Common Information Model for a single energy infrastructure. We can only imagine the challenges that arise from the combinatorial expansion resulting from the interaction between multiple energy systems.

In this talk I will address some of challenges arising from modelling multiple energy domains and how the IEC-CIM can facilitate and inspire a data driven energy transition.”

Joep’s will be one of 12 utility case-studies being presented at Common Information Model 2021. Alongside the case-study agenda, there will be 3 x supplier presentations, 4 x live Q&A sessions, a 90-min roundtable discussion session, and more, all in just one intensive high-value day!

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