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Case Study: Elektro Ljubljana

This week we caught up with Mihael Medved, Integration Engineer at Elektro Ljubljana, who will be speaking at the conference on the subject of CIM and GIS, focusing specifically on the implementation of CIM into the GIS system to provide high volumes of mapping information to a broader range of end users.

Mihael explained: “In the modern business environment, success depends less on which application, vendor or data source an organization uses, and more on how it goes about connecting them. Data integrity between crucial information systems inside a utility and digitisation of business processes are now in place at most utilities.

Parallel with the implementation of a new SCADA/DMS system, Elektro Ljubljana d.d. decided to digitize the process of maintaining the network model to control and operate the whole distribution network, including the low voltage (LV) part of it. Also operating the LV network means better observability, better customer-based experience, full of possibilities to reduce outage times, and more. For operating smart grids using advanced DMS systems and reporting to state regulators it is inescapable to have an observable and up-to-date LV network model.

Having the possibility to export network model data in a standard format, defined under CIM standards, is also a precondition for operational data exchange between DSO and TSO as well as is nice to have features for EU projects. Elektro Lubljana d.d. integrated Geographical Information System (GIS), as the source of truth for network model data, using CIM standards and save data into CIM repository for further exports.

GIS integration project addressed the people, technology-related issues, and changes the business process to support data for SCADA/DMS system. One of the major challenges was to determine the right set of data needed for SCADA/DMS system, define data model/profile for integration to stay CIM compatible meanwhile providing all data for the operation of DMS functions.

My presentation is going to expose some of the challenges, faced on our integration project such as maintaining data consistency, cleaning and keeping up data quality, performance issues problems, as well as previously mentioned challenges too. I look forward to sharing more detail of Elektro Ljubljana GIS integration project, experiences, challenges and future roadmap at the Common Information Model 2020 virtual conference.”

Mihael’s will be one of 12 utility case-studies being presented at Common Information Model 2021. Alongside the case-study agenda, there will be 3 x supplier presentations, 4 x live Q&A sessions, a 90-min roundtable discussion session, and more, all in just one intensive high-value day!

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