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Case Study: Electrosul Brazil

This week we caught up with Pablo Humeres Flores, Head of Digital Supervision and Automation at Eletrosul Brazil, who will be speaking at the conference on the subject of going beyond pilot projects and driving the large-scale deployment of IEC 61850.

Pablo will be sharing how Eletrosul are creating their roadmap to ensure board approval, gain organisational buy-in, and develop the technical framework to drive multi-vendor multi-edition IEC 61850 systems on a large-scale.

Pablo explained: “The first applications of the IEC 61850 standard started more than 15 years ago. They focused on the Station Bus, the communication protocols (MMS, GOOSE) and the configuration tools. Practical experiences and the revision of the standard has significantly improved current applications and brought forward important lessons.

The central question is how best to apply the solution to obtain the advantages that the implementation of a digital substation based on the IEC 61850 standard can offer us: Interoperability; Ease of exchanging IEDs; Documentation; Ease of functionality changes; Asset Management; Virtualization; Availability; Maintenance Facilities; Positive impacts on the costs of implementation, maintenance and operation. The experience shows that it is necessary to adapt the impacts also on the companies, which involves management, the organizational structure, the qualification and the routines and procedures.

As we are starting to implement Process Bus, the competitive advantages may be greater, but it will require efficient management to actually have benefits. In this vision of the future, pilot projects, qualification, benchmarking are some of the actions to guarantee the best solution.

In IEC 61850 USA 2021 we are going to exchange ideas and experiences about all this. What, why and how we are doing our implementations, what lessons have been learned and what is the vision for the future of a full digital substation.”

Pablo will be one of 12 utility case-studies being presented at IEC 61850 USA 2021. Alongside the case-study agenda, there will be 3 x supplier presentations, 4 x live Q&A sessions, a 90-min roundtable discussion session, and more, all in just one intensive high-value day!

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