IEC 61850 Global 2020 Blog

IEC 61850 Global 2020 Blog

Keep up to date with the latest developments on the IEC 61850 Global 2020 virtual conference, run by Smart Grid Forums.

Case Study: Landsnet

This week we caught up with Birkir Heimisson, Project Manager for Smart-Grid Development at Landsnet, to get a sneak peek into one of the most advanced applications of IEC 61850 in Europe. Birkir’s presentation will take place at 08:30 CET on Thursday 29th October at the IEC 61850 Global 2020 virtual conference, and will provide in-depth insights into how Landsnet are enabling Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC) systems with IEC 61850 to improve grid operation and stability.

Birkir explains: “Frequent disturbances and islanding events in the Icelandic transmission system was the drive for Landsnet (TSO) to form a Smart Grid Program with emphasis on WAMPAC in 2014. The target was to mitigate effects of disturbances and improve system security.

On our journey to a smarter and more secure grid we have in the digital development had to utilise the combination of IEEE C37.118 synchro-phasors and IEC61850 to make the most out of the technology available to us. As of today, Landsnet is successfully operating multiple wide-area-control-schemes parallel to other local protections schemes, which has significantly improved the performance of the grid during disturbances. The main challenge in these projects was the selling point and proof of concept to our customers to become responsive participants (large consumers and producers) without having formal ancillary services in place. The focus was on innovation with the goal of improving the reliability of the system.

The future is exciting as there is always room for improvement, there are multiple wide-area-control-schemes on the horizon, a market/service for such fast response is under development. Landsnet has also made the decision that all new substations should be fully digital according to IEC 61850, that increases the need for more telecommunications and further synergy of different technologies for smarter and optimal control and protection of the transmission grid.

I am looking forward to sharing insights from our experiences to date and our plans for the next stage of this project with colleagues at IEC 61850 Global 2020.”

Birkir’s will be one of 24 utility case-studies being presented at IEC 61850 Global 2020. Alongside the case-study agenda, there will be 8 x supplier presentations, 8 x live Q&A sessions, a 90-min roundtable discussion session, and more, all in just two intensive high-value days!