Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020

Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020 event

Keep up to date with the latest developments and news for our Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020 virtual conference.

Case Study: Elia

Whether you are at the start of your smart meter rollout or you have generated twenty years’ worth of AMI data already, all smart utilities must develop strategies for leveraging smart meter data to meet the intensifying demands of the energy transition. With increasing microgeneration along with the electrification of heat and transport, it has never been more essential to understand generation and consumption patterns on the distribution network.

Nonetheless, DSOs do not have to shoulder this burden alone. To fully capitalise on the insights from smart meter data and unlock the flexibility potential of the grid, increased collaboration between DSOs, TSOs, aggregators, and power providers is important. Without collaboration, information will remain siloed, the grid will never be interconnected, and flexibility efforts will always be limited.

To benefit from the real-time capability of smart meter dataflows and help connect the last mile of the smart grid, Elia, the Belgian TSO, joined with other stakeholders in the Belgian market to create a flexibility ecosystem. At the Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020 virtual conference, we will be joined by Pieter Vanbaelen, Product Manager at Elia, who will be discussing their collaborative project called Flexity. This week we caught up with Pieter to get an insight into the presentation he will give.

Peter explained: “In the fast approaching decarbonised and digital world, managing the power system will become increasingly complex. The ever-increasing deployment of renewable energy, decentralised production, and the electrification of energy consumption, through electric cars and heat pumps, are big challenges for the overall system and its players. With the energy transition and the digitalisation of the sector underway, consumers are calling for energy services that deliver more value and comfort.

To help address these major challenges, at Elia, we are working in collaboration with other players in the Belgian market on a project called Flexity. Flexity leverages digital meter data to enable the end-consumer to contribute to the energy transition. First the project investigated the flexibility potential for residential households willing to take a more active role within the energy transition. Flexity optimised consumption behavior patterns of end-consumers by shifting consumption from EVs, heat-pumps, or electrical heaters to cheaper times of the day. This could be outside peak-periods or greener moments in time, such as when wind and/or solar production is high. Furthermore, Flexity optimised consumption without any loss in comfort; it investigated various compensation mechanisms to ensure customer satisfaction. Secondly, in the context of the ongoing rollout of the digital meter in Flanders, Flexity tests how the digital meter can be used to ensure a secure and reliable energy billing.

The idea was born after an intensive 5-day workshop organized by the IO.Energy Ecosystem during which all team members defined together an innovative approach to empower the end-consumer. Within the project team, Engie acts as an energy & flexibility provider while tiko, Voltalis & Jedlix will provide technical flexible solutions. CGI, Fluvius & Elia will test the robustness of data collection. Flexity looks forward to sharing its learnings during Smart Grid Forum’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure conference.”

At Advanced Metering Infrastructure 2020, Pieter’s presentation will be one of 15 utility case-studies, showcasing practical implementation strategies for achieving 100% smart meter coverage, fostering standardisation in the industry, and scaling up your AMI-related data analytics. Take advantage of a thoroughly audience researched programme covering a broad range of topics, from procurement, AMI system design and AMI team development, to using smart meter data for advanced forecasting and improving power quality.