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We are delighted to bring you this premier Predictive Maintenance 2020 conference, exhibition and networking forum. This programme provides utility maintenance leaders with the information and inspiration they need to define their predictive maintenance roadmaps and drive their new technology implementation forward at the speed of the digital age.

Over three intensive days you will hear from 14+ smart utilities on how they have defined their system architectures, optimized their sensor deployment, managed their data quality, and made the migration toward more predictive forms of maintenance whilst maximizing their asset lifecycles and minimizing costs.

You will also hear how state-of-the-art technologies such as AI&ML, Data Lakes, Cloud, Digital Twin, LIDAR & UAV, Augmented Reality and Blockchain are being leveraged in practice to maximize reliability and accuracy of predictive maintenance approaches.

There is no other event like this! If you have heard the predictive maintenance hype and now want to get under the skin of its practical reality, then join us for what is set to be the most technically in-depth review of predictive maintenance experiences within the smart grid specifically.

Discussion themes include:

  • Creating the Roadmap
    Understanding the drivers, building the business case, and determining the longer-term roadmap for predictive maintenance in the smart grid environment
  • Driving Sensorisation
    Determining a cost-effective sensor deployment strategy to plug the gaps in existing data sets, maximise prediction accuracy and improve SAIDI
  • Data Management
    Pooling a wide range of sensor and smart meter data, ensuring its quality and accessibility, and its prediction reliability
  • System Architectures
    Comparing the potential of legacy systems with state-of-the-art data lakes and emerging platform innovations for driving predictive maintenance efficiency and accuracy
  • Future Technologies 
    Evaluating the potential of Digital Twin, Cloud services, AI&ML, LIDAR & UAV, Blockchain and Augmented Reality for the future of predictive maintenance in the smart grid

14+ utility case studies including:

  • Jörg Kottman, Director of Asset Management – AXPO
  • Mika Loukkalahti, Leading Expert, Asset Management – Helen Electricity Network
  • Camiel Oremus, Business Director Asset Management – DNV GL
  • Michael Weixelbraun, Head of Asset Management – Austrian Power Grid
  • Petr Lang, Head of Strategic Asset Management – E.ON Distribuce a.s
  • Rasmus Armas, Head of Asset Management – Elektrilevi
  • Thomas Castelijns, Data Scientist – Enexis
  • Sebastien Michelin, Asset Performance Management Solution Architect for Electric Utilities – Schneider Electric
  • Joris Soens, Head of Assets & Grid Architecture – Fluvius

Join the solution zone:

Would you like the opportunity to raise your brand profile, demonstrate your products and services and share your expertise with the most targeted and influential group of utility maintenance professionals?

Our adjoining exhibition area provides the perfect platform for you to do this and more! Capped at 10 stands we ensure a focused and relevant display of the latest tools, technologies and services for our audience and maximum visibility for each exhibitor

Testimonial from past attendees:

“It was great to hear about the developments and challenges of other utilities in this new environment. Really great presentations including inspirational messages, impressive pilots and great innovative ideas. After this event I believe we are going forward in the right direction and I bring back additional ideas and contacts for our future business cases”

Yamshid Farhat, Smart Grid Engineer – BKW
@ Grid Asset Management 2019

“The combination of presentations related to smart grids and machine learning analytics presented at this event is probably the most relevant for any data scientist within the grid utilities environment”

Tobias Haumann, Data Scientist – Adger Energi Nett
@ Smart Grid Big Data 2019

“An excellent opportunity to look further than the end of your own nose and acknowledge that other people’s solutions to shared problems may be far better than yours”

Julio E. Dominguez, SAS Designer – UFD
@ IEC 61850 Global 2019

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We look forward to welcoming you to the event in January!

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Save the Date for Predictive Maintenance 2020

We are delighted to announce the dates and location for the premier Predictive Maintenance 2020 conference, exhibition and networking forum. Please mark your diary, alert your colleagues and line manager, and invite your technology partners along for this intensive, immersive and inspiring meeting designed specifically to address the information needs of utility maintenance professionals.

Sensorisation of the grid is presenting invaluable opportunities for utilities to shift from scheduled maintenance practices to data driven predictive maintenance strategies, in order to maximise asset lifecycles whilst reducing operational costs and increasing workforce efficiency. But with the opportunities that predictive maintenance promises come significant challenges around developing the systems, processes and internal skillset, to apply predictive maintenance to a range of assets and under a variety of conditions.

Predictive Maintenance 2020 draws together utility maintenance professionals from across Europe for three intensive days of implementation case-studies, technology innovation discussions, and power networking with a focused and motivated group of maintenance professionals, to help you drive your predictive maintenance strategy to the next level.

As we finalise the programme please find below a preview of the speakers and discussion topics being planned, to give you a flavour of what’s to come.

Speakers Confirmed to Date:

  • Iliana Portugues, Innovation and Engineering Leader – National Grid
  • Michael Weixelbraun, Head of Asset Management – Austrian Power Grid
  • Rob Ross, Asset Strategist – Tennet
  • Jörg Kottman, Director of Asset Management – AXPO
  • Petr Lang, Head of Strategic Asset Management – E.ON
  • Rasmus Armas, Head of Asset Management – Elektrilevi
  • Alberto Guerra, Head of Asset Management – Viesgo
  • Anna-Lilly Brodersson, Asset Portfolio & Risk Management – Stromnetz-Berlin
  • Mika Loukalatti, Leading Expert, Asset Management – Helen OY
  • Kevin Devillé, Expert Condition Monitoring – Engie Laborelec
  • Joonas Koivuniemi, Head of Business Development – Empower
  • Santiago Gallego, Associate Director, Asset Management 4.0 & Digital Operations –Boston Consulting Group
  • Luay Baltaji, Cybersecurity Specialist – PwC
  • Camiel Oremus, Business Director Asset Management – DNV GL
  • Rafael Martins de Souza, Data Science & Machine Learning and Economics –FGV/CERI
  • Marc Roberts, Manager – IBM
  • Steven Hagner, Asset Management Solutions – ABB

Topics to be Discussed:

Drivers for Change in Maintenance:
Addressing the driving forces necessitating the shift towards a predictive approach

Strategic Panel –  Business Case for Predictive Maintenance:
An expert panel leading the conversation around the business case for predictive maintenance

Creating the Roadmap to Predictive Maintenance:
Creating the roadmap for migration from time-based to predictive maintenance practices

Maximising Asset Life Cycles:
Exploring how to leverage data for new insights into asset health and to obtain maximum value from existing asset fleets

Risk Management:
Creating a risk management framework that addresses the evolving needs of the smart grid

Predictive Maintenance System Architecture:
Establishing a system design that effectively integrates new and legacy technologies to adapt to the increased demands of the digital grid

Sensor Deployment:
Developing a cost effective sensorisation strategy that delivers high levels of data accuracy and ensures grid asset health

Sensor Performance:
Maintaining grid operational reliability in the absence of sensor data accuracy during the initial stages of sensorisation

Data Lakes:
Leveraging the potential of data lakes to generate quick insights from raw data and enhance your predictive maintenance strategy

Technology Innovation Panel:
Technology innovators will present their experiences of applying predictive maintenance tools and technologies in the smart grid domain

Data Quality:
Overcoming the quality challenges associated with legacy data to enable reliable predictive maintenance services

Smart Meter Data:
Leveraging smart meter data to gain deeper insights into the low voltage network asset health to determine the maintenance requirements

Workforce Development:
Reconfiguring your maintenance workforce and implementing a workforce development programme to upskill and empower your field force around predictive maintenance

Outsourcing Field Forces:
Managing outsourced field forces to ensure maintenance quality, data integrity, and cost-efficiency in the migration to predictive maintenance

Evaluating the cybersecurity risks inherent in predictive maintenance and devising a strategy to ensure effective prevention and monitoring of assets as the number of sensors in the grid increases

Digital Twin:
Evaluating the potential of digital twins in enabling advanced predictive maintenance both for individual assets and the grid overall

AI & ML:
Assessing the potential of AI & ML to process high volumes of grid data and provide advanced insights to support predictive maintenance procedures

Examining the full potential of LIDAR & UAV technologies to facilitate airborne analysis of hazards to power grid infrastructure and enable advanced maintenance strategies

Exploring the potential of next generation data collation methods to enable real-time, multi- party data insights to support predictive maintenance

Tutorial – Augmented Reality:
Exploring the potential of next generation technologies to provide field forces with real time maintenance guidance on a wide range of assets from a central facility

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We look forward to welcoming you to the event in January!