SGTech Europe 2019 Blog

SGTech Europe 2019 Blog

Digital substation case study from Statnett

The latest generation of digital substation technologies promise greater levels of reliability, interoperability and real-time performance than ever before. And with a dramatic rise in power demand coupled with a need to improve substation safety whilst minimising maintenance costs, smart utilities have their work cut out when it comes to making new technology choices that will strike the balance between cost-efficiency today and flexibility to meet tomorrow’s functionality needs.

At SGTech Europe 2019, we have dedicated a whole conference track to reviewing digital substation projects so that your substation teams are equipped to assess the potential of this new technology in advance of investing and implementing. Over two intensive days you will gain deep technical insights into the lessons learnt from recent deployments of next generation substations, as well as understand the impact of new technology trends on future substation architectures and implementation roadmaps.

This week we caught up with Nargis Shabbir Hurzuk, Engineer at Statnett, the Norwegian TSO that is currently trialling the latest generation of process bus enabled digital substations. Nargis’ presentation is scheduled at 15:00 on conference day one and deep dives into: Advanced HV/MV Substation Functionality: Optimising the intelligence and functionality of primary substations; Process Bus, PRP and HSR to support redundancy and network reliability.

Nargis explains: “Statnett started a digital substation pilot project in 2016, focused on the use of IEC 61850 9-2 process bus in a digital substation automation and protection system (DSAS). Statnett was keen to investigate what benefits this technique could offer future substation projects. We wanted to examine the potential for financial savings, reductions in installation time, increased personal safety, and new functionalities. Through the pilot project we aimed to gain new experience and knowledge concerning the concept of advanced digital substations in addition to becoming more deeply familiar with the next generation technology.

Additionally, we wanted to challenge traditional substation automation and protection System (SAS) design principles and investigate the feasibility of new design ideas and their manageability from an operational point of view. The pilot installation is not a test of single components or IEDs, but rather an operational test of the digital IEC 61850-9-2 process bus, and the system as a whole.

At SGTech Europe 2019, I look forward to sharing the results of our findings to date, explaining the decisions we are making regarding the wider roll-out of this technology, and the challenges we must overcome to fully realise the benefits of process bus based digital substations.”

Statnett’s will be one of 40+ utility case-studies that will be shared across the 3 days of SGTech Europe 2019. Alongside the Digital Substation track, we have scheduled a Next Generation SCADA track, and a Utility Packet Telecom track. Day three brings domain experts from all three tracks together with smart utility cybersecurity leaders for a review of state-of-the-art cybersecurity policies, processes and practices to protect the end-to-end smart grid.

Alongside the case-study programme, we have a number of facilitated networking opportunities to help participants connect with peers and partners and take their digital substation projects to the next level!  250+ participants, 40+ utility case studies, 20+ innovative technology displays, 15+ roundtable discussions, 2+ live demo labs.

All the information, inspiration and innovation you need to drive 2019 forward at the speed of the digital age!

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Enedis smart grid technical strategy

Exciting times are ahead for smart grid technical professionals. As digital transformation gains momentum the benefits of increased grid integration, interactivity and efficiency are finally being realised, giving birth to a new smart utility vision and greater investment appetite!

However, a bold vision without an exacting implementation plan will remain nothing but a frustrating dream! Your mission as a smart grid technical professional is not only to fully understand and embrace the vision but to interpret it into a cost-effective, time-sensitive, mission-critical execution plan that delivers the next generation grid at the speed of the digital age.

And it is with this in mind that we open SGTech Europe 2019, with a morning of strategic plenary sessions, addressing the big themes driving smart utility decision making today. Strategic presentations from National Grid, Vattenfall, Orsted, Stedin, EDP and Enedis among others, provide the essential visionary framework technical teams need to inspire their implementation plans and deliver the grid of the future.

This week we caught up with Jean Baptiste Galland, Strategy Director at Enedis, who will be addressing the plenary sessions on day one with a presentation on: Transitioning to a Data Driven Utility: Achieving the shift in mindset that enables an effective IT/OT integration to drive smart grid innovation and implementation.

“Digital technologies are a fantastic lever for our industry and our company. The implementation of smart grid solutions is facilitating faster integration of DERs, with smart metering systems allowing our customers to better control their energy consumption and receive more personalised offers. Public authorities are now able to develop smart public lighting and support electric vehicle charging. The MV/LV grid control this allows is priceless and perfectly supports DSO pilot schemes.

However, with these opportunities come several challenges that can not be underestimated. The first lies in data management and cybersecurity. For Enedis, with the number of computer servers having multiplied by 25 in the last 10 years, today 15 million smart meters are generating more than 1 billion data points per day. We have entered a new era where utilities must ensure resiliency of the energy system both for physical power flows and data flows. Cybersecurity must be guaranteed not only for data but also for components of the industrial system such as control rooms.

Other significant challenges we are facing are of an economic and technological nature with additional investments in IT infrastructures to be built and run, not to mention those relating to industrial policy. The question remains, what can be reasonably outsourced? Most important, digitalisation impacts nearly all business processes and operational activities. It requires a full transformation of the company and management, as well as integration and development of new skillsets such as data science, end-to-end supervision of fleets of connected and smart objects, supervision of LV grids. All of these opportunities make our jobs more attractive to young talent.

We can imagine the energy system of the future will be more diversified and complex with even more participants and players both on the supply and demand sides. What is certain is that the energy system will be much more digitalised than today and the complexity will need new approaches to be well managed. 

At SGTech Europe 2019, I look forward to sharing how we are pulling all these themes together, creating a unified vision and a solid implementation plan to bring the next generation grid to fruition fast .”

Jean-Baptiste’s will be one of 40+ utility presentations scheduled to take place at SGTech Europe 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from both the utility visionaries and their implementation leaders, participate in intimate end-user roundtable discussions, technology scout through the technology innovation panels, live demo labs, and solutions zone, and power network with a focused group of like-minded smart grid technical professionals from the substation, SCADA, telecom and cyber-security domains.

250+ participants, 40+ utility case studies, 20+ technology innovation displays, 15+ roundtable discussions, 2+ live demo labs. All the information, inspiration and innovation you need to drive 2019 forward at the speed of the digital age !

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In the Solution Zone

Alongside the 40+ utility case-studies being presented during the 3 days of SGTech Europe 2019, we are delighted to provide a comprehensive technology scouting programme for those seeking out new solutions to their complex smart grid challenges. Enabling you to get under the skin of the latest technologies in a focused, intensive, and time-efficient manner, SGTech Europe 2019 provides the perfect opportunity for you to get up to speed with what’s on the market and in development, and to influence the direction of future product development in favour of real-world end-user requirements.

We are currently inviting established and new technology innovators into the solution zone. If there is a specific supplier that you would like to see participate this year, please drop us a line and we will be delighted to investigate and invite. In the meantime, here is a reminder of all the ways that you will be able to assess the latest technologies alongside hearing of the latest utility implementations at SGTech Europe 2019.

Technology Innovation Panels: scheduled during the technical tracks on the morning of conference day two, each panel discussion involves presentations from 3-4 leading technology innovators in the areas of digital substations, next generation SCADA, utility packet telecom, and cybersecurity. Each presentation lasts 15-20 minutes and focuses on the application of existing technology and the development of emerging technologies to better meet the needs of the smart utility. This is the perfect opportunity for you to listen, assess, question and challenge to ensure you influence the future direction of new technology development in line with real-world utility requirements.

Live Demo Labs: taking place during the refreshment and lunch breaks across the three days of the conference, these 1:1 pre-arranged meetings provide the perfect opportunity for you to get hands on and personal with the latest tools and technologies, discuss your specific grid development opportunities and challenges, and receive tailored advice that has the power to fast track your implementation activities and fine-tune your operational performance.

Solution Zone: running alongside the 3-day conference, this display of 20+ smart grid solution providers offers the perfect opportunity for you to get up to speed with the latest offerings from both the established system providers and the innovative new players entering and disrupting the market. There is no better place to meet with the movers and shakers of the smart grid technology innovation world than at SGTech Europe 2019.

Just some of our past technology innovators

DNV GLSchneiderSiemensGE
COPA-DATACyientECI TelecomEfacec
Landis+GyrLocamationNational InstrumentsNetcontrol
OSIOTNPower PlusPrysmian
SAE-ITSATELSchweitzer EngineeringSecurity Matters
SubnetTuev Sud

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Registration is live

Registration is now live for SGTech Europe 2019, the Smart Grid Innovation Project Exchange of the year! This end-user driven, technically in-depth, implementation focused multi-track conference draws together 250+ smart grid professionals for an intensive review of 40+ smart grid implementation case-studies and a display of 20+ smart grid technology innovations.

Spanning 4 key smart grid domains; digital substations, SCADA systems, utility telecoms, and cyber-security, this is the perfect opportunity for IT, OT and Telecom colleagues to come together under one roof, review recent implementation lessons learnt and determine future roadmaps possible based on the latest innovation trends. Can you afford to miss out on this crucial benchmarking opportunity?

“The smart grid market size is expected to grow from USD 23.8 billion in 2018 to USD 61.3 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.9%”
(Source: MarketsandMarkets)

Programme at a glance

Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th March 2019
Strategic Plenary Sessions:
IT, OT & Telecom Convergence to Deliver the Smart Grid

Technical Case-Study Programme:
Track 1: Digital Substations
Track 2: SCADA Integration
Track 3: Utility Telecoms

Thursday 28th March 2019
Post-Conference Seminar:
Cyber-Security for the Smart Grid

To view the latest agenda and speaker line-up click here!

Top 10 reasons to attend:

  1. Domain specific content – with 3 separate tracks on digital substation, next generation SCADA integration, and utility telecoms, you can choose to attend the sessions that are most relevant to your remit whilst stepping in and out of related tracks to broaden your awareness of wider smart grid implementation and innovation experiences.
  2. Bridging the technical and commercial – each presentation links technology with commercial by focusing on why certain technology choices have been made, implementation lessons learnt, and future road maps been created in the context of the organisation’s commercial, regulatory and innovation pressures.
  3. Utility-heavy speaker line-up – with most presentations being delivered by TSOs and DSOs (40+ utility case-studies scheduled over 3 days), you will gain deep insights into the real-world application of smart grid technologies rather than stop at their potential benefits.
  4. Focused networking – each conference track will attract a very specific and focused audience making networking more relevant and impactful. You will meet the same group of people repeatedly over 3 days, deepen your connections onsite, and ease post-event follow up.
  5. Influence industry developments – with plenty of interactive sessions built into the programme you will get the chance to put forward your questions and suggestions and influence the wider group by inputting during panel discussions, round table debates, and feedback sessions.
  6. Break out of silos – not only will you deepen your connections with peers from your own domain, you will also get the chance to meet colleagues from related domains in substations, SCADA, telecoms, and cyber-security. You will gain deep insights into their experiences and broaden your understanding of their challenges, easing your migration toward IT, OT and Telecom convergence.
  7. Focused technology display – through the solution zone you will get the opportunity to update on the latest technology innovations from the leading smart grid suppliers. Both the big system providers and the innovative niche players will be displaying across the 3 days.
  8. Hands on technology previews – you can schedule a private 1:1 live demo lab session with the key technology innovators to really get under the skin of their offerings and better understand how next generation solutions could work in your grid environment.
  9. Intimate & discreet – the event is held in a private hotel setting and is not open to the public. All attendees pay a fee to attend and are profiled by the organisers to ensure their business fit with the conference focus. There is a high ratio of utilities to vendors and there is no media participation to ensure that discussions can be open, honest, in-depth and meaningful from a real-world perspective.
  10. ROI – if you book your place before Friday 14th December 2018 you can take advantage of the Very Early Bird rate, which means your trip will cost in the region of €2,872 (€2,195 conference fee, €159 x 3 nights hotel, €200 flight). If you generate 10 new ideas or new contacts that help you take your implementation plans to the next level it equates to €287 per new idea or contact.

Solution zone

Would you like the opportunity to raise your brand profile, demonstrate your products and services, and share your expertise with a highly concentrated and influential group of grid digitisation implementation leaders and decision makers? Our adjoining exhibition area provides the perfect platform for you to do this and more! Capped at 20 stands we ensure a focused and relevant display of the latest tools, technologies and services for our audience and maximum visibility for each exhibitor. Contact us today to find out more!

Presentation highlights

To get a sense of information and inspiration that will be shared, please enjoy a selection of past presentations for SGTech Europe 2017:

  1. Leveraging big data management and analytics to drive operational excellence in the next phase of utility digital transformation – Robin Hagemans, Alliander
  2. Determining how IoT can best be leveraged to drive reliable, secure and cost-effective next generation grid design, operation and maintenance – Nicola Cammalleri, Enel
  3. Developing a high functionality low-cost smart substation concept to drive the next phase of the utility digital transformation – Anders Johnsson, Vattenfall Eldistribution
  4. Strategies for cost-effective operations and maintenance of high volumes of complex multi-technology substations in the digital transition – Sonke Loitz, Netze BW
  5. Future intelligent transmission network substation (FITNESS) – Cristina Fundulea, SP Energy Networks
  6. In a grid operator’s security trenches; from comic sans to common sense – Rick van Hees and Erwin Kooi, Alliander
  7. Leveraging SCADA capabilities to make accurate network planning, operation and investment decisions – Lieven Degroote, Eandis
  8. Automatic controls using WAMs – Birkir Heimission, Landsnet HF
  9. All-IP telecom network supporting utility process evolution – Sergio Ramos Pinto, EDP Distribuicao
  10. Managing an MPLS based process network – Borre Jensen, BKK Fibre

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SGTech Europe 2019 – Save the date

We are delighted to announce the dates and venue for the 3rd edition of SGTech Europe 2019, taking place 26-28 March 2019, at the Novotel Amsterdam City, The Netherlands. As we finalise the speaker line-up we wanted to give you the opportunity to mark your diary and forward this email to colleagues in the Digital Substation, SCADA & Control Room, Utility Telecoms, and Cyber-Security departments who may benefit from attending.

Drawing together 250+ smart grid technical professionals, and 40+ utility case-studies, this annual gathering is the most intensive, technically in-depth, and lively smart grid project exchange in Europe. There is no other programme that provides the depth and breadth of discussions, networking and new technology scouting opportunities that you will experience at SGTech Europe 2019.

Opening with a morning of strategic plenary sessions addressing the big themes driving smart utility investment priorities, the programme then breaks into 3 parallel technical tracks each addressing advanced implementations of Digital Substations, SCADA Systems, and Utility Telecoms. On day three you get the opportunity to deep-dive into the latest strategies and technologies supporting Cyber-Security for the Smart Grid.

Alongside the content-rich programme there is plenty of time for networking; during the round table discussions, the networking evening reception, in the solution zone, and during the live demo lab sessions.

Can you afford to miss out? To secure your place at the Very Early Bird rate, saving you up to €400 on delegate places and €2,000 on exhibitor spaces, please visit the event website today!

Programme Format:

Tuesday 26h & Wednesday 27th March 2019

Strategic Plenary Sessions:
IT, OT & Telecom Convergence to Deliver the Smart Grid

Technical Case-Study Programme:
Track 1: Digital Substations
Track 2: SCADA Integration
Track 3: Utility Telecoms

Thursday 28th March 2019

Post-Conference Seminar:
Cyber-Security for the Smart Grid

Programme Benefits:

  • Strategic Plenary Sessions – hear the strategic plans and priorities of leading electric utilities and understand where budgets are being focused and resource is being allocated to drive the practical implementation of the smart grid in the next 2-3 years
  • Case-Study Programme – hear from the technical experts and decision makers on the lessons learnt from pilot projects and commercial deployments of key digitalisation technologies and architectures in the digital substation, SCADA, utility telecoms, and cyber-security domains
  • Utility Heavy Speaker Line-Up – selected on the strength of the projects they are involved in, their pivotal roles in implementation decision making and their innovative insights on lessons learnt and future road maps
  • Roundtable Discussions – bring your specific automation challenges to the table and brainstorm and problem solve intensively with the entire smart grid technical community
  • Solution Zone – spanning all 3 days of the event, get up to speed with the latest automation systems and solutions on the market, discuss your specific grid automation challenges with the tech innovators and get tailored advice to help propel your implementation plans to the next level
  • Live Demo Labs – providing a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the most advanced and forward-looking digitalisation systems, technologies and tools on to the market
  • Networking Evening Reception – the opportunity to relax and unwind after an intensive day of presentations and panel discussions, meet with colleagues from across the European smart grid technical community, allow new ideas to cement and new partnership opportunities to emerge

Confirmed Speakers to Date:

  • Roisin Quinn, Head of National Control ESO – National Grid
  • Ivan K. Pedersen, Director, Head of Energy as a Service – Orsted
  • Peter Hermans, CTO – Stedin
  • Jean-Baptiste Galland, Strategy Director – Enedis
  • Peter Söderström, Asset Development & Innovation Portfolio Manager – Vattenfall
  • Aurélio Blanquet, Director of Networks Digital Platforms – EDP Distribuição
  • Pablo Humeres Flores, Head of the Digital Supervision and Substation Automation Sector – Eletrosul Brazil
  • Nargis Shabbir Hurzuk, Engineer – Statnett
  • René Troost, Grid Strategist – Stedin
  • Mika Loukkalahti, System Manager, Electric, Power Systems – Helen Electricity Network
  • Ernst Wierenga, Technologist, Protection, Control & Telecommunication – TenneT
  • David MacDonald, System Monitoring Lead Engineer – Iberdrola
  • Zigor Ojinaga, Industrialisation Project Leader – Iberdrola
  • Tom Segers, Technologist – Fluvius
  • Tahir Kapetanovic, MBA, Head of National Control Center – Austrian Power Grid
  • Karel Jiranek, Head of Distribution Processes Support – PREdistribuce
  • Markus Lenzin, Head of Substation Automation – Swissgrid
  • Walter Schaffer, Head of Electrical Power Grids – Salzburg Netz
  • Helge Nielsen, SCADA, Product Manager – Energinet DK
  • Luis Matias, Associate Director, Digital Grid, Networks’ Digital Platform – EDP
  • Joël Nouard, Project Director – RTE & Technical Secretary, Information Systems and Telecoms Committee – CIGRE
  • Arnaud Ulian, Head of R&D – EDF & Chairman – IEC TC57
  • Giovanna Dondossola, Transmission and Distribution Technologies Department – RSE
  • José Manuel González Vázquez, Information Security Officer – Stromnetz Hamburg
  • Antonello Monti, Director, Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems – ON Energy Research Centre, RWTH Aachen University
  • Gianluca Lipari, Team Leader Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Management – ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen University
  • Steven Blair, Research Fellow – University of Strathclyde
  • Davide Coppola, Business Developer, Project Manager – European Space Agency
  • Tim Godfrey, Technical Executive, Information and Communication Technology – Electric Power Research Institute
  • Anjos Nijk, Director of Consulting Services – ENCS

…with many others to follow shortly.

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