Enedis’s smart grid technical strategy on transitioning to a data-driven utility

Enedis’s smart grid technical strategy on transitioning to a data-driven utility

Exciting times are ahead for smart grid technical professionals. As digital transformation gains momentum the benefits of increased grid integration, interactivity and efficiency are finally being realised, giving birth to a new smart utility vision and greater investment appetite!

However, a bold vision without an exacting implementation plan will remain nothing but a frustrating dream! Your mission as a smart grid technical professional is not only to fully understand and embrace the vision but to interpret it into a cost-effective, time-sensitive, mission-critical execution plan that delivers the next generation grid at the speed of the digital age.

And it is with this in mind that we open SGTech Europe 2019, with a morning of strategic plenary sessions, addressing the big themes driving smart utility decision making today. Strategic presentations from National Grid, Vattenfall, Orsted, Stedin, EDP and Enedis among others, provide the essential visionary framework technical teams need to inspire their implementation plans and deliver the grid of the future.

We caught up with Jean Baptiste Galland, Strategy Director at Enedis, who will be addressing the plenary sessions on day one with a presentation on Transitioning to a Data Driven Utility: Achieving the shift in mindset that enables an effective IT/OT integration to drive smart grid innovation and implementation.

“Digital technologies are a fantastic lever for our industry and our company,” Jean Baptiste explains. “The implementation of smart grid solutions is facilitating faster integration of DERs, with smart metering systems allowing our customers to better control their energy consumption and receive more personalised offers. Public authorities are now able to develop smart public lighting and support electric vehicle charging. The MV/LV grid control this allows is priceless and perfectly supports DSO pilot schemes.

However, with these opportunities come several challenges that cannot be underestimated. The first lies in data management and cybersecurity. For Enedis, with the number of computer servers having multiplied by 25 in the last 10 years, today 15 million smart meters are generating more than 1 billion data points per day. We have entered a new era where utilities must ensure resiliency of the energy system both for physical power flows and data flows. Cybersecurity must be guaranteed not only for data but also for components of the industrial system such as control rooms.

Other significant challenges we are facing are of an economic and technological nature with additional investments in IT infrastructures to be built and run, not to mention those relating to industrial policy. The question remains, what can be reasonably outsourced? Most important, digitalisation impacts nearly all business processes and operational activities. It requires a full transformation of the company and management, as well as integration and development of new skillsets such as data science, end-to-end supervision of fleets of connected and smart objects, supervision of LV grids. All of these opportunities make our jobs more attractive to young talent.

We can imagine the energy system of the future will be more diversified and complex with even more participants and players both on the supply and demand sides. What is certain is that the energy system will be much more digitalised than today and the complexity will need new approaches to be well managed. 

At SGTech Europe 2019, I look forward to sharing how we are pulling all these themes together, creating a unified vision and a solid implementation plan to bring the next generation grid to fruition fast .”

Jean-Baptiste’s will be one of 40+ utility presentations scheduled to take place at SGTech Europe 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from both the utility visionaries and their implementation leaders, participate in intimate end-user roundtable discussions, technology scout through the technology innovation panels, live demo labs and solutions zone, and power network with a focused group of like-minded smart grid technical professionals from the substation, SCADA, telecom and cyber-security domains.

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