Digital substation case study from Statnett

Digital substation case study from Statnett

The latest generation of digital substation technologies promise greater levels of reliability, interoperability and real-time performance than ever before. And with a dramatic rise in power demand coupled with a need to improve substation safety whilst minimising maintenance costs, smart utilities have their work cut out when it comes to making new technology choices that will strike the balance between cost-efficiency today and flexibility to meet tomorrow’s functionality needs.

Ahead of t SGTech Europe 2019, taking place on 26-28 March 2019 in Amsterdam, we caught up with Nargis Shabbir Hurzuk, Engineer at Statnett, the Norwegian TSO that is currently trialling the latest generation of process bus enabled digital substations. Nargis’ presentation is scheduled at 15:00 on conference day one and deep dives into: Advanced HV/MV Substation Functionality: Optimising the intelligence and functionality of primary substations; Process Bus, PRP and HSR to support redundancy and network reliability.

Nargis explains: “Statnett started a digital substation pilot project in 2016, focused on the use of IEC 61850 9-2 process bus in a digital substation automation and protection system (DSAS). Statnett was keen to investigate what benefits this technique could offer future substation projects. We wanted to examine the potential for financial savings, reductions in installation time, increased personal safety, and new functionalities. Through the pilot project we aimed to gain new experience and knowledge concerning the concept of advanced digital substations in addition to becoming more deeply familiar with the next generation technology.

Additionally, we wanted to challenge traditional substation automation and protection System (SAS) design principles and investigate the feasibility of new design ideas and their manageability from an operational point of view. The pilot installation is not a test of single components or IEDs, but rather an operational test of the digital IEC 61850-9-2 process bus, and the system as a whole.

At SGTech Europe 2019, I look forward to sharing the results of our findings to date, explaining the decisions we are making regarding the wider roll-out of this technology, and the challenges we must overcome to fully realise the benefits of process bus based digital substations.”

Statnett’s will be one of 40+ utility case-studies that will be shared across the 3 days of SGTech Europe 2019. Alongside the Digital Substation track, we have scheduled a Next Generation SCADA track, and a Utility Packet Telecom track. Day three brings domain experts from all three tracks together with smart utility cybersecurity leaders for a review of state-of-the-art cybersecurity policies, processes and practices to protect the end-to-end smart grid.

Alongside the case-study programme, we have a number of facilitated networking opportunities to help participants connect with peers and partners and take their digital substation projects to the next level!  250+ participants, 40+ utility case studies, 20+ innovative technology displays, 15+ roundtable discussions, 2+ live demo labs.

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